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Rooted Nook Color- I feel like it’s brand new again!

Posted 12 October, 2011 by DLWhite in Random 1 Comment

I’ve had my Nook Color for nearly a year and have been happy with it but lately have been wondering how I could spice it up some, since it had limited web browsing. B&N helped by launching an app store, but many of the apps are too expensive (especially when they come stock on my phones). $1.99 for a calculator? Are you MAD? Plus the B&N app store isn’t varied at all.  It’s much like having 500 cable channels but there’s nothing to watch.

So I took the next step and ‘rooted‘ it.  Rooting basically gives you SuperUser access to be able to change the User Interface and add options like the Android market, themes, etc.  There are ways to perma-root your device, but it honestly read like Greek to me. I went the easy route and ordered an 8G microsd card from http://rootmynookcolor.com. It comes with the root software on it.

Super easy! Install the sd card, boot, and viola you go from:


I was having some issues connecting to the Android market, so I emailed RootMyNookColor them and someone answered right away and spent an hour and a half walking me through troubleshooting to get it to work. I now have a small Android tablet that is pretty freaking neato!

The only reason I really wanted to do it was so that I could have my Kindle and my Nook books on ONE device, including all my self loaded books. I’m a HAPPY girl and this’ll tide me over for quite awhile, until I feel like I need a tablet with data service.

FYI, the Nook Color was $249 when it launched and is now $149 and dropping.

Kindle Fire or stick to my Nook Color? A comparison…

Kindle Fire or stick to my Nook Color? A comparison…

It’s no secret that I’m a Gadget Geek. I own two Smartphones, a laptop, a DVR, and an eReader.  Rather than look at shoes and skirts and jewelry and makeup, I’m interested in the next big thing coming down the Tech Pipeline. This week, social media has been all-twitter (pun intended) with the release of the Kindle Fire. I ignored the announcement at first because I went with a Nook Color instead of a Kindle for specific reasons. I’ve recently heard rumors that Barnes & Noble may have a Nook Color 2 in the works and now my interest is piqued! Note:  I’m a Geek, not a Nerd. :)  I’m […]