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That one time when you thought you were done writing your book…

Posted 29 July, 2014 by DLWhite in Writers Write 1 Comment

… and then you realized you had so much more work to do. This is the part when I realize I am not as done as I thought I was. Not even close.

There’s something to be said for getting away from your project, and giving yourself some space. I was in love with this story, and I still am. My focus, right now, is crafting a story that will catch the eye and sell the book.


I’ve received some feedback from readers and have been futzing with the manuscript. When people say the hardest part is writing it, they have clearly never edited. Several times. I think I am on edit #5 and I know, for sure, I have a few more rounds. Tightening, changing details, making things more pronounced, DROPPING WORD COUNT LIKE WHOA. Ruby’s is bloated and roaming and expository. I want it to be succinct and direct, but still beautiful prose.

That balance is difficult to achieve when you’re so close to it. I’ve told myself to leave it alone for a few weeks. Just let it sit. Get my feedback, think about it, but leave RUby’s alone. Do something else. Get away from it for awhile.

Then come back with a clear mind, unemotional about ‘my baby’, my story, and then craft these words into what I want them to be.

Did I write and save my original story, what was close to my heart? You betcha. My original MS is safe and sound. I’m proud of the story I wrote. But I saved a new version and that is now being torn down and rebuilt into a better Ruby’s.

This, my writerly ready friends……is the hard part.

Don’t even get me started on the query process.

Minimal Progress is still progress- July Writing goals

Minimal Progress is still progress- July Writing goals

So, not much happening over this way, at least not much that is newsworthy. Ruby’s is still out with a few people reading it. The latest readers are writers so I am hoping to get some useful feedback. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, I am about halfway thru my own edits. I printed out a hard copy and I am going through and noting my changes and then making them on the document instead of trying to read it on-screen. Finding a lot of things I’ve glossed over (because I am just so tired of looking at it) so that’s been good. Slow going but I am about halfway through. My […]

Four Questions on Writing Process (Reblogged)

Four Questions on Writing Process (Reblogged)

So, I am not a part of this blog tour, but I love questions that make me think about my process and why I do what I do. I saw this posted at Tayari Jones’ website and thought they were great questions that inspire thinking and intelligent answers. 1) What are you working on? My first novel, Brunch at Ruby’s, a contemporary women’s fiction novel set (very loosely) in Atlanta, Ga. It is the story of three women who have been friends since they were children, who, as adults get together once a month at Ruby’s Soul Food Cafe, a neighborhood eatery that is as old as they are. The novel […]

Back to the Grind, yo.

I don’t know where that yo came from. I just suddenly feel like Marky Mark. Trying to stay on track/ ahead of my 1000 words/ day posting schedule. This is what keeps me on track for the year. I don’t aim for 1000 words and then stop, but I don’t stop until I hit 1000 words. Sometimes, like tonight, I go a bit over if inspiration strikes. Inspiration didn’t take me too far over 1000 tonight. I managed to get in 1,124 before it started to drone on and get boring. I’m going to break for a bit and if I feel like moving on tonight I will. Chances are […]

Fin. (Pre-editing, of course)

Needs to be edited, finessed a bit, but I actually finished Same Time Next Week. I’m in shock. It’ll actually end up being 21 chapters on the archive because one chapter is over 10K words and the archive holds, at most, ~10K words at a time, so ch 19 will end up being split. I mean, I started this story Nov 1, 2009. It only took me almost a year to finish it. I hope it’s not lame and doesn’t seem like I just wanted to get it done… everything I wanted to accomplish with it, I did. Wrapped up my loose ends and made sure each character came full […]

No, seriously.

I know how to fix Same Time Next Week. I need to back the story up.  I’ve solved my problem too early and I’ve run out of enough conflict to keep the story running. So, I need to add more ‘story’…. I always get into trouble when I get lazy and try to skip story… and bring both conflicts in the story to a more reasonable conclusion. And I need to bring my main characters back to a certain point, which will be significant to the story. Amazing. Uhm. I have no idea when I am going to dig into it and fix it. But. Yes.

Think I have a pretty good draft

Think I have a pretty good draft

Update 2: UGH. Putting it away for a bit, again. Driving me crazy. I keep changing things Protagonize seems like a great site but upon further review, seems more for collaborative writing.  And for the most part a lot of 15 yr olds with angst, at least that’s what I’m finding. Read a couple of pieces, one which thoroughly confused me. Offered some words of encouragement but overall felt like I could spend some more time on my own work and closed the page down. Now I am back at my own piece and asking myself questions, like why? Why would my main character stick with this person? Do I […]