WOOP! ‘Beach Thing’ is now available on Audible!

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Published by ACX, Amazon Digital Services Genres: African American Romance
Format: AudioBook
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Happy Friday, Readers & Friends! I got the best Friday news EVER this morning!

My ode to summer, my #beachyblackromance, my cutesy story about two souls that fall in love on an island, BEACH THING is now available in audio! I hope you’ll snatch up this title and take it with you on your next vacation! 

It’s only $10 ( or 1 credit) to purchase 4 hours of bliss-filled love story! Grab BEACH THING or my other Audible titles, BRUNCH AT RUBY’S and DINNER AT SAM’S HERE and put it in your… ears!

Not an audiobook fan? Grab BEACH THING in ebook for only $2.99 or paperback for $5.50. 


#WIPWednesday: If You’re Gonna Give Him The Cat – Leslie’s Curl & Dye

#WIPWednesday: If You’re Gonna Give Him The Cat – Leslie’s Curl & Dye

Today is #WIPWednesday but, gloriously, I do not have a WIP. Yesterday I decided that aside from a fun story for the fanfiction archive, I am done writing for publication for the year. I am tired, my brain is tired, I would have loved to publish four books this year, but my miiiiiiiiinds tellin’ me nooooooo.

Aannyway, I wanted to share a snippet from Curl & Dye with ya’ll. If you haven’t read it and need some convincing, look no further than Reading Romance In Color’s review of Curl & Dye. She enjoyed the small town but still black centered dynamic and the grown & sexy aspect of KC and Leslie’s relationship. Speakin’ of grown & sexy…

#WritingWednesday: I was going to be a spectacle – Unexpected

#WritingWednesday: I was going to be a spectacle – Unexpected

by DL White Genres: African American Romance, Contemporary, Romance Format: eBook Source: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ibooks, Kobo Good morning and happy Writing Wednesday! It’s a super day, and I’ll tell you why: my holiday short, Unexpected, is live and kicking! I have never kicked off the holiday season so early, but I really needed it, and I hope others that need some holiday cheer will find it in my cute and fun little ditty. A few people may recognize this short from a story I posted on my website a few years ago. It’s been niggling at me because… whatever happened to Will and Saidah?? So I took it […]

[Review] Adore You by Nicole Falls

[Review] Adore You by Nicole Falls

Ellis and Devorah (or Bee, as she is affectionately called by friends and family) have known each other for years (he’s her ex-boyfriend’s brother and a close family friend) and have even tried the relationship thing a time or two. Ellis’ notorious playboy ways have always landed him square in the “Not Him” column. Not to mention, Bee doesn’t want to be the girl that has dated both of the Everett boys.

[Guest Review! ] The Other Side of the Pillow by Zane

Today’s review is courtesy one of my favorite Book Bloggers, Lisa at Reads4Pleasure.com. We have incredibly similar reading tastes and I always know that if she loves something, I should take a look! When The Other Side of the Pillow popped up, we both decided we’d read it to see what it was about, then thought it would be fun to cross post reviews. This is my first crosspost, so haaaaayyyyy R4P Readers!

You can find other reviews on her site, Reads4Pleasure.com. Take it away, Lisa!