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#SampleSunday: Visions of that ugly Kwanzaa cake in your head

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Published by Books by DL White Genres: African American Romance, Holiday Romance
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Hello friends and Happy Sunday! I hope your end of year is peaceful and you are well. I’m sharing a snip from my recent release, a holiday novella called The Kwanzaa Brunch. Once I got into this story, I had a great time discovering Booker and Sienna and bringing them together with the help of a familiar matchmaker. A note that if you haven’t read Unexpected, you might want to read that one before reading this one, for #reasons. *grin*

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Anthony had, as promised, rushed out hours ago to pick up his children. I stayed, camping out in a conference room since I hadn’t been assigned an office yet, reviewing accounts, systems, and the way Precision did business. I was going to really like this job. Essentially, this was a brand new experience and I had every intention of eating it up.

Speaking of eating… damn, I was hungry.

By the time I pushed my way through the revolving glass doors at Precision, the sky had been dark for hours. It had also been hours since lunch and my stomach protested loudly. I walked toward my vehicle, clutching my belly and trying to decide whose drive thru I was about to crash. Behind me,  I heard a derisive chuckle.

I turned to find Sienna keeping pace, a messenger bag slung across her body. “Lunch coming back to haunt you? I tried to warn you.”

I knew what she meant. Office lunches weren’t my thing either, but Anthony was my potluck sherpa. I trusted that he steered me away from anything questionable.

“Hey, Sienna.” I greeted her with a nod, slowing down so she could catch up. We walked together toward the corner lot. She probably drove the two door Benz coupe, the only other car parked in that lot, a few spots away from my Range Rover. “I’m not feeling bad. I’m actually hungry.”

“Unh huh. Look alive, though. Some of these folks might put some Mogwai in their dishes. You know, the kind that’ll have your guts all unruly after midnight?”

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