[Review] The Blackbirds by Eric Jerome Dickey-

[Review] The Blackbirds by Eric Jerome Dickey-

Eric Jerome Dickey has always been a detailed, decadent writer. From one of the first books I ever read by him, Friends and Lovers, I appreciated that I felt like I was ‘in the scene’, like I could go to LA and drive around, because he’d been so descriptive, down to the number of streetlights one might encounter on Crenshaw Boulevard. So when one sits down to read an EJD book, one should not expect to skip and flit over details.

Review: Passion’s Song by Farrah Rochon

I must say, there are few authors that I would read despite the fact that I know, going in, that I’m going to fight with myself over the trope. In Romancelandia, we have certain ‘arrangements’ or couplings. The ‘Pretend to Date’ trope is one I almost never read, so ONLY FOR FARRAH would I pick up a book that I think I am going to dislike and actually read it.

[Guest Review! ] The Other Side of the Pillow by Zane

Today’s review is courtesy one of my favorite Book Bloggers, Lisa at Reads4Pleasure.com. We have incredibly similar reading tastes and I always know that if she loves something, I should take a look! When The Other Side of the Pillow popped up, we both decided we’d read it to see what it was about, then thought it would be fun to cross post reviews. This is my first crosspost, so haaaaayyyyy R4P Readers!

You can find other reviews on her site, Reads4Pleasure.com. Take it away, Lisa!