5* Review: Know Your Place by Shelly Ellis

Posted 30 April, 2019 by DLWhite in Reviews 0 Comments

by Shelly Ellis
Genres: African American, Contemporary Women, Crime Drama
Format: AudioBook, eBook, Paperback

Okay. Y’all.  I promise I am calm.

You know when you’re reading something REALLY good? Like, engaging. The scenes play out like a movie, complete with sound effects, pan in, pan out, etc? And the dialog is so real and the action so intense that you have to get up and pace while you read cause you DON’T WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT but you GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

This. book.  To be fair and full disclosure, I’m a fan and I am fully invested in the Branch Avenue series, but COT DAYUM Shelly Ellis can write a book!

KNOW YOUR PLACE starts where IN THESE STREETS leaves off, so *yes you need to read book one first*and yes this book has a cliffie… you will live. Read Ellis’ other books while you’re waiting. As I said, this book picks up where the last book left off, so



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Leslie’s Curl & Dye now available on audio **everywhere**- wanna listen FREE?

Leslie’s Curl & Dye now available on audio **everywhere**- wanna listen FREE?

Format: AudioBook Guys. GUYS! I am so happy to finally announce that the audiobook version of Leslie’s Curl & Dye has been distributed WIDE, meaning you should be able to listen wherever you purchase audiobooks — including libraries, but you have to REQUEST the title so the library can purchase it for their inventory!     COO. HOW YA GONNA CELEBRATE?  To celebrate (and also to pump up listens and reviews…) I have some FREE audiobook codes to give out. Yes, you heard me say FREE…. and yes, there’s a catch or two: A. You have to absolutely enjoy the audiobook and extoll its praises and virtues on every site available- amazon, […]

WOOP! ‘Beach Thing’ is now available on Audible!

WOOP! ‘Beach Thing’ is now available on Audible!

Published by ACX, Amazon Digital Services Genres: African American Romance Format: AudioBook Source: Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, ibooks, Kindle, Kobo Happy Friday, Readers & Friends! I got the best Friday news EVER this morning! My ode to summer, my #beachyblackromance, my cutesy story about two souls that fall in love on an island, BEACH THING is now available in audio! I hope you’ll snatch up this title and take it with you on your next vacation!  It’s only $10 ( or 1 credit) to purchase 4 hours of bliss-filled love story! Grab BEACH THING or my other Audible titles, BRUNCH AT RUBY’S and DINNER AT SAM’S HERE and put […]