Change is good, right?

Lately, I can’t handle Firefox. I mean, I love the browser. I pretty much live in Firefox and if I have to use a site that only uses IE, I throw myself on the ground and scream and kick and cry. Seriously. You should see them stare at work. So lately I can’t get it to work!  It’s crashing on me just about hourly and I get NO information as to WHY. I’ll just be typing or surfing and POP! goes my browser. And it’s very annoying! I’m doing serious work here! Okay not really, playing with plug-ins for WordPress but still. So I’m trying out Chrome. Again. I’m remembering […]

The Fun Train rolls on

Advanced Fiction Writing Lesson #5: Setting, Theme, Detail, Research Tonight’s lesson was relatively easy, in a way. Generally about setting and how it sets the mood and helps the theme along. And what helps the setting along is use of detail and doing your research. I have declared myself to be the Queen of Research. Not really. I just alwys need a realistic standpoint to come from, so I’ll look something up in a hot second. So back to setting and detail– it’s something I think I am pretty good at, but not offhand and not all the time.  And sometimes some well known authors irk their readers with overuse […]

Mmmmm… I love the smell of new books

Mmmmm… I love the smell of new books

Even if they’re digital, new books have a smell. I love bookstores, because I love the smell of the paper that books are printed on. I love the stiffness of a new page, an uncracked binding, a smooth, unwrinkled cover. *warm fuzzies* I know book people know what I mean. Digital books have a different feel. I use the Amazon Kindle app that works with the iPhone. I also use stanza and eReader but I mostly use the Kindle app. I love being able to drag 20 books around with me at a time. I love being able to read while waiting for the oil change, or while eating dinner […]

Dark Places- Gillian Flynn [Review]

Dark Places- Gillian Flynn [Review]

Here’s what I can say: the plot is intricately weaved and the imagery is VIVID. Flynn is… OMG… I think my new favorite author right now. Grisly and gory but nail bitingly exciting. I’m still spinning from this book.
We meet Libby Day immediately in the book and we’re shocked by such an unlikely protagonist. I think Flynn’s golden arrow is an unlikeable hero, because Libby is just as or more unlikable than the protagonist in Sharp Objects.

Find Your Voice

I’ve had this little ditty by Fairly Odd Parents’ Chip Skylark in my head all day. It’s sung by *Nsync’s Chris Kirkpatrick and since I’m a HUGE fan, I actually have his songs from FOP on my iPod. It’s rather fun to go from Ludacris “Slap” to Chip Skylark “Find Your Voice”  to Madonna “Holiday”. I love shuffle. There is a point to my rambles about iPods and cartoon songs. Lesson #4 in my Advanced Fiction Writing Class  is about Viewpoint, Voice, And Tense. Viewpoint- or uh. Point of View, or the intentions of the narrator. Who’s telling the story and from what vantage point?  We learned about three viewpoints: […]

It’s People!

Soylent Green. And Character Sketches. It’s People. Lesson #3 is on character sketches– pyramids and notebooks and protagonist and antagonist. Creating sympathy and antipathy. Naming your characters— I hate bad character names. I just….I do. Don’t make them up. One thing that I found interesting was that our instructor advised that you ‘write who you know’, or develop your characters from people you know in your life. Dice them up and put them back together again, change names and features and characteristics. (cont’d)

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn [Review]

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn [Review]

Sometimes my method of picking books is really calculated. And then sometimes I just see something and think, ‘hmph. I’ll read that, I guess.’ Sharp Objects was chosen via the latter method. Suffice it to say,I think I started this book sometime last week, maybe over the weekend. It’s Tuesday and I just finished it. Literally a few minutes ago… I’ve been buried in it all weekend.

Brand new day…

Here’s to hoping I get something done today! I have a couple of writing projects that need to be started or finished: 1. The Epic, it must end. Soon. I have an ending in mind, already. It’s just getting there. 2. My Fanfiction AU. I just think it’s a good story and I want to finish it. It’ll likely be my last “JC” story for the fanfiction archive. 3. My Lifetime movie inspired drama based on some Nanny storyline. I’ve never seen the movie but the premise is the usual ‘nanny falls for the dad, will do anything to have him’. This one is fandom based as well. 4. NaNoWriMo–need […]

Grammar Snobs R Us

I got up early to write, and saw that Jane over at Dear Author had already been busy this morning on the Twitter (or more likely last night) so I headed over to her site to see what new things lay in store for me. I do enjoy her reviews, specifically on really-bad-but-still-managed-to-get-published pieces. They give me hope. Anyhow, Jane’s latest poll is about grammar, and how good you are at it. I’ll admit I am more of a grammar snob than I should be. I love words, correctly used and phrased and spelled. I love sentences that slide off of the tongue, that are well punctuated. I love dialogue […]