I love to talk about myself. A meme.

do you type really fast? – Well, I can type really fast. It’s just that it won’t be readable or spelled correctly, is all. did you like high school? – Not at all. how old are you? – 35. That was a shock to me, actually. I guess I had planned to stay 34 another year– MySpace informed me that I had turned 35. favorite pen color – Blue. Or purple. what annoys you more than anything? – Pointless questions. Like, I’m at the store, and I buy something for $4.29 with a $5 bill and the clerk says ” Out of five?” I always want to answer, “No, out of  $20.” Or a call to me at 3:34 PM asking, “What are you doing?” What do you THINK I’m doing? if you woke up tomorrow morning as the opposite sex, what would you do first?  – Stare at it. Seriously. favorite show on nickelodeon Fairly Odd Parents— any epi with Chip Skylark. I love his Shiny Teeth. And Cosmo. did you watch are you afraid of the dark? – No, because I am afraid of the dark.

So I signed up for a Writing course

So I signed up for a Writing course

My friend Becky is taking it and I was jealous so I was a copycat and signed up as well. It’s not so much a writing course as well-timed material being placed on the internet for reading, with a quiz following immediately after, and an assignment that is optional. At the end of our class, we will have a required assignment, which I assume will be a full fledged piece. And so, Advanced Fiction Writing began last night, but I didn’t actually get the materials till today. Turns out I was waiting for a username and password that wasn’t going to come, so I just logged in. The first class was pretty basic, going over structure, plot, dramatic elements, and the three act structure: I guess it helped to learn what I’ve been doing without knowing what I’m really doing– to put terms and theory and method to my clinking around the keyboard, playing ‘Author’. It’s certainly awakened me to things in stories I’ve written in the past, and even if I write snippets or drabbles, where to place the story vs the plot so that it drives people crazy wanting to hear the end– or the beginning. Interesting and informative first course- of course I took the quiz right after and I got 100%! o/ My assignment for Lesson 1 is to introduce myself, a task I kind of hate. I have a hard time making myself sound interesting. *SIGH*

Oh, Holy Hell (You Bastard)

Now, I’ve gone and done it. One of my friends, the gifted and talented Andrea is running a Lifetime movie challenge community called stori_telling (because every GOOD Lifetime Movie stars Tori Spelling!), in which we supplied the plots of our most favoritest, dramatic, ridiculous Lifetime Movies, the plots were compiled and laid out and made available for choosing. What’ll I do with it? I’ll write a story, based on it. OMG.

Books to Be Influenced By

[source] Joe’s Writing Tips April 2009 Books to Be Influenced By It never ceases to amaze me. I’ll meet someone at an event who says, “I always wanted to be a writer,” and I’ll ask, “What do you like to read?” – and that person will say something like, “I’m really not much of a reader.”Why would anyone want to be a writer who doesn’t like to read? And how does anyone figure out how to write without reading everything they can, first?It’s basic primate behavior: monkey see, monkey do. We learn to speak by imitating adults who speak to us, and we learn to write by imitating what we read. Here’s a secret for first-time novelists, in particular: it’s okay to be derivative. It’s okay to imitate what you think is good. As long as you’re not plagiarizing – as long as you’re using your own words and telling your own story – it’s not only fine, it’s helpful to try to write in the style of authors you admire. We all do it, and it’s one of the most frequently-asked question any author gets: “Who are your influences?” It takes a long time to find one’s own voice, and even then, we’re all products of every other book we’ve ever read, and every person we’ve ever spoken to. It’s not just writing; all artists do this, whatever the medium. Picasso’s early work, for example, borrows heavily from the old masters – and then, when he felt he’d learned as much as he could from them, he used what he learned to create his own unique style. How many times have you heard a band described as “Beatlesque,” or “the new Dylan”? Brian De Palma’s movies started out as faithful homages to Alfred Hitchcock, and Peter Bogdanovich acknowledges the heavy influence of Orson Welles on his early work. It’s tricky, of course. Harold Bloom looked at this phenomenon in The Anxiety of Influence, a book about modern poetry. Bloom […]

The Help- Kathryn Stockett [Review]

The Help- Kathryn Stockett [Review]

This book was a slow start for me, but once it got going, it was hard to put down. I was almost late for work one morning, because I had started reading and couldn’t stop. I literally sat down 4 hours ago to finish it, because I just couldn’t stand not knowing what happened anymore. The Help is a riveting, entertaining first novel– I think Ms. Stockett should be quite proud of herself.


First, I’ve posted a new chapter to All I Wanna Do. I swear I never meant for this story to be an epic, but I also don’t want to truncate the story. Decisions, decisions. I’m starting to long for it to end, though. Do something new. I can’t even imagine how novelists keep writing the same damn story for hundreds of pages. I’ve been reading a lot on tips and pointers, things to do and not to do, and trying to apply them to whatever I’m working on. Recently I’m trying to get rid of anything ending in -ly (i.e. he looked at the burger hungrily. *rolleyes* I don’t think I was doing a lot of that but I’ve caught a few, usually weak chapters where I really just wanted it to be over). I’m also targeting -ing words (‘She sat on the bench, watching him feed the birds’, or even worse ‘picking up the mug, he took a long swallow of beer’). Very slowly, I am working toward not sounding like an amateur.

May Writing Tip

Courtesy Joe Finder, New York Times Best Selling author. May’s tip is on research– something I do, love to do, and get caught up in a lot. If I had a quarter for every time I almost got bit in the butt over research, I’d have………well probably around a dollar or so. I think this tip is great, and Joe’s word speaks for itself, so I’ll let him say it, after the jump– click on ‘read full article’ and have a ball!

Get Your Words Out- May 1 Update

It’s payday, and my reminder to update my word count for 2009. My goal on Jan 1 was 200,000 words. Previous count: 198,036 New Words:             10,526 Word Count Total:  208,562 Words to go:          -8,562 \o/ ************************************* I reached my 200,000 word goal, so I am raising it by another 100,000 words. YAY. GOAL: 300,000 Current Count:  208,562 Words to Go: 91,438