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Current and holding projects:


Drinks at Minks- A Ruby’s Novel  (Ruby’s #3)

Women’s Fiction

Phase: Writing

If You’re Not the One – A Potter Lake Novella (Potter Lake #2)

Romance, Women’s Fiction

Phase: Writing

Missing Persons (A Ruby’s novel Book 4)
Phase: HOLD
Format: eBook, Paperback
Genre: Crime/Investigation/Romantic Elements


Missing Persons4Nearly seven years ago, Edward Foster packed a bag, cleared out his bank accounts and left his wife and two children. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Edward’s father, who came into wealth late in life– then got sick and died– has left his fortune to his children, with the codicil that nothing be distributed before the seventh anniversary of Edward’s disappearance, because then he can be declared dead. If he’s found alive, he can share in the wealth with his sister… and his wife and children. If he’s not found– or found dead– daughter Eileen gets the entire kitty.

With no will or life insurance on her husband and a hate-hate relationship with Edward’s sister, Anjelica Foster knows she’ll get nothing if her deadbeat husband isn’t found before the seven year mark. She hires an attorney and an investigator who have a very short time to find a man who doesn’t want to be found.

Yvette Young, a former Criminal Investigator with the Army, separated from the armed forces in heartbreak over the loss of her fiance, who died in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. Instead of getting married, joining the FBI and helping Jason start his own auto body shop, Yvette returned home and opened a private investigation firm. The work is steady but boring and sleazy– following around philandering Misters and Misses or trying to catch fraudsters lying about being injured from a fall at a supermarket.

Just when she’s thinking of kicking things up a notch, a case falls in her lap, courtesy Malik Payne, a partner at a successful Family Law firm. Malik is a former JAG Officer, someone Yvette knows well. They have a long and comfortable history, and Malik has made it clear that he’d like to be more than friends. Yvette isn’t ready to be interested in someone else… but the longer she works with Malik, the more she feels the tendrils of attraction toward him, despite the tug-of-war inside her.

As the case heats up, so does the chemistry between them. Their investigation will take them across the country in search of a man hidden in plain sight…and a decades old flicker is about to burst into flame.

The Never List

Phase: HOLD
Format:eBook, Paperback
Genre: Romance, African American

There are a lot of things thirty three year old Esmee Whitaker has never done: Run a mile. Take a flight. Ride in a hot air balloon. Oh… and have sex. While her well-meaning but overprotective parents are overseas, Esmee decides to break out of her shell and knock some items off of her Never List.

Anthony Pettigrew is next in line for the throne at Pettigrew Industries, but he’s not sure the CEO life is for him. He wants to spin out his own venture, but his father’s illness holds him back. With the future of Pettigrew in the balance, Anthony must decide if he should follow the path designed for him or pave his own way.

When he meets Esmee at a dinner meeting, It’s Like at First Sight for Anthony. She’s smart, sexy… and uptight. Esmee is less than impressed with tall, handsome… and cocky Anthony. Worlds collide when the two are forced to work at opposite ends of the same project, and when Anthony learns about Esmee’s Never List, he offers to help her cross off some items– one item in particular.

One list. Ten items. When they reach Number One, will it spell The End for Esmee and Anthony… or the beginning?