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NetGalley 2016


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For 2016 I am planning to stay around the same level, 31-40. With some determination I’m sure I can hit my goal next year and not have to read my face off at the last minute.

My NetGalley Challenge Goal

I’ll track my Galleys read by quarter here.

01 Jan – Mar 31 2016
01 Apr- Jun 30 2016
01 Jul-  Sept 30  2016
01 Oct-Dec 31 2016
Grand Total 2016


Feedback Ratio

Since my feedback ratio is 91%… and my goal was 80%… I don’t know how that happened actually. I was at 50% for a long while and I’ve definitely been requesting more than I’ve been reading. Maybe a bunch of old stuff fell off? Anyway. I don’t have a goal for my ratio except to hold this number and not drop below 80.