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#AmWriting: Day Twelve- A Good Way to Relax

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Day Twelve: A good way to relax

For me, relaxing is not relaxing without a good book. Or twelve. Whether it’s a couple of paperbacks of different genres or George the iPad with the Scribd app and the Kindle app STUFFED with ebooks and audio books, relaxing to me is kicking back with my shoes off, sunshine on my legs, a slight breeze in the air, a cup of coffee  or iced tea at my elbow and NOTHING, I mean NOTHING TO DO but read. If I don’t get that at least one day a week, things just go terribly wrong for me.

#30WriteNow Day 7: “Heartbreak”

Today should have been a random day like a lot of other days in my life. I do the same things all the time, every day of the week, day in and day out. Wake up, wake up the kid, get us fed, dressed, out the door. He goes to school, I go to work. After work I pick him up from my mom’s and we head home. Today though, I needed to run an errand and I was dreading it. I should have done it before I picked up Ray, but it was homework night and I didn’t want to be out too late. I tucked him into the […]

Monday Warm Up: Helpful Writing Tools

Note: There was no 30WriteNow post yesterday. Today’s will be coming sometime before midnight and if I can make up yesterday’s I will.  I’m trying to get back into regular posting. Fingers crossed, man.  Here’s the Monday Morning Warm-Up (as always courtesy Jo Knowles): MMWU: What’s the most helpful tool you use in revision or in creating first drafts? So, I have to admit that I don’t use a lot of ‘tools’. I know they’re available, but I just haven’t got into the habit of using them. I have an account at Evernote, that I’ve made a few notes in, but I wouldn’t say I depend on it to write. […]

Monday Morning Warm Up- A quote that gives you hope

Monday Morning Warm-Up (courtesy Jo Knowles): Share a quote that makes you think and feel hopeful. One of my friends forwarded a quote to me late last year and it has become my mantra, chiefly the word PERSIST. I don’t know why, and I suppose I am not the only one, but I am encouraged when I hear about people who are famous for their craft struggling, like I do, to create. It makes me feel more normal and human and less like a talentless hack. I guess in some ways I seek validation in that, in knowing that I’m not the only one doesn’t know what to write after […]

Monday Morning Warmup: Your favorite alone time

Monday Morning Warmup: Your favorite alone time

Thanks again to Jo Knowles, who posts these each Monday. Today I’m doing an archived exercise: Describe your favorite quiet and alone time. Where are you? Inside? Outside? Is it cold? Warm? Is there an animal nearby? What do you see? Hear? Smell? Why does this time matter to you? I’m single and a bit of a loner. While I do get together with friends now and again, I’m mostly at home with the books and the appliances and the heater. Always the heater. It’s where I am comfortable and it is conveniently also where I keep all my stuff. So for me to have a specific time of quiet […]