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Literary Fiction Catnip: The House on Harbor Hill by Shelly Stratton

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Literary Fiction Catnip: The House on Harbor Hill by Shelly StrattonThe House on Harbor Hill by Shelly Stratton
Published by Dafina Books on January 1st 1970
Genres: Literary Fiction
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She's generous, kind, and compassionate--yet Delilah Grey will forever be an outcast in the small seaside town of Camden Beach, Maryland. She takes in women shattered by abuse, poverty, illness, or events beyond their control. But no matter how far she's come or how many she's helped find their way back, there is no safe place for Delilah. Acquitted of her rich husband's mysterious death decades ago, she lives in her beautiful mansion consumed by secrets--and mistakes she feels she can never atone for. . . . Until she takes in desperate mother Tracey Walters and her two young children.

Tracey won't say where she's from or what sent her into hiding. But her determination and refusal to give up reminds Delilah of the spirited, hopeful girl she once was--and the dreams she still cherishes. As Tracey takes tentative steps to rebuild her life, her unexpected attraction to Delilah's handsome, troubled caretaker inadvertently brings Delilah face to face with the past. And when Tracey's worst fears come brutally calling, both women must find even more strength to confront truths they can no longer ignore--and at last learn how to truly be free . . .

Resonant, moving, and unforgettable, The House on Harbor Hill paints an unforgettable portrait of two women struggling to forgive themselves, take a chance on change, and challenge each other to finally live. Praise for Between Lost and Found "Moving, thoughtful, and entirely original."--Taylor Jenkins Reid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the cover to the blurb to the story inside, The House on Harbor Hill is my TOTAL Literary Fiction catnip from an author that I adore and always trust to take me on an emotional journey. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, and after begging to read this book, then being granted an advance copy from NetGalley, I devoured it in just a couple of days.
I never know what to say in reviews… I’m not auditioning for the NYT book review here. I don’t want to rehash the blurb, nor go through all the events of the book, not because I am lazy but because I like it best when I can discover the nuances and nooks and crannies of a story myself.
This was… simply a good read. A mix of a murder mystery from the past and a current tale of a woman in between the stages of her life, who takes a helping hand when she really needs it… and how that benefitted her and her children immensely.
Secondary characters filter through and fill out this story so well. I loved Delilah’s fellow maids. That part of the story scratched my historical fiction itch.
There’s so much to take in, when reading this novel. One thing that stands out is that a) sometimes no one understands what you’ve been through except those who’ve been through it to and b) history repeats itself, and like hindsight, you recognize things because you’ve seen it before.
I highly encourage everyone to grab this book, put it on your list, and then sit back and relax and enjoy the read. This isn’t a fast paced wham-bam-zoom storyline. This is a beautifully drawn-out tale that’s finally able to be told.

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*ARC Review * An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

*ARC Review * An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

I think one of my favorite parts of the book is the letters. They let the story play out, in the words of Roy and Celeste, even though they couldn’t be in the same room. Ms. Jones recently shared a piece about how technology can affect and script communication between characters; sometimes a novel has to be set in a time and a place that makes communication difficult. At one point in the book, there’s no way for one character to contact the other, leading one to walk right into a trap, per se… the tension that that situation built was palpable and effective.

#WIPWednesday: If You’re Gonna Give Him The Cat – Leslie’s Curl & Dye

Today is #WIPWednesday but, gloriously, I do not have a WIP. Yesterday I decided that aside from a fun story for the fanfiction archive, I am done writing for publication for the year. I am tired, my brain is tired, I would have loved to publish four books this year, but my miiiiiiiiinds tellin’ me nooooooo.

Aannyway, I wanted to share a snippet from Curl & Dye with ya’ll. If you haven’t read it and need some convincing, look no further than Reading Romance In Color’s review of Curl & Dye. She enjoyed the small town but still black centered dynamic and the grown & sexy aspect of KC and Leslie’s relationship. Speakin’ of grown & sexy…

ARC #Review – Trust Me (Holmes Brothers Book 5) by Farrah Rochon

Lemme tell you that TRUST ME not only contains a bit of intrigue as we try to figure out just who the corrupt politician is, but there’s a sweet enemies to lovers story wrapped up in this fight to do what’s best for the town of New Orlean’s and Mackenna’s district.

I wouldn’t steer you wrong– this one is face worthy! Grab it when it’s on sale May 25th!