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[VIDEO] New Channel. WHO DIS? Intro & My books are on SALE!

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I thought I would try out this VLOGGING thing, something new to dip into for the new year. Soon to be chock full of new info about books I’m writing and reading and my thoughts on writerly bookerly things… but for right now, I wanted to post a (terribly lit) introduction and take advantage of a good hair day. I recorded this three times so I was definitely not coming back another time to do it again because I didn’t like the lighting. Lessons learned!

There are two videos posted on my newly launched AuthorlyBookerly channel. It doesn’t have one of them fancy newfangled custom URLs yet and it won’t until I hit 100 subscribers, so……………SUBSCRIBE!

Check me out! (Edited to add links to my books on sale)


Brunch at Ruby’s (99cents)

Same Time Next Week (99cents)

A Thin Line ($1.99)

Beach Thing (99cents)

UPDATE- Writing & Beta Readers!

UPDATE- Writing & Beta Readers!

Genres: African American Romance Heyoooo! Hope everyone is doing well! Just a quick update on the writing process for Beach Thing and the Beta Reader Application that I put out last week. Beta Readers First things first– I got an OVERWHELMING response to my request for betas!  If you wrote to me, I responded so if you did not get an email from me, please let me know because I have not heard back from everyone. The email would have come from dlwhite [at] thesweetescape dot net. If you need me to re-send because you still want to beta read, get in touch with me! If you plan to pass, no big deal! Since I have more than enough applications, the process is closed for now but may re-open so stay tuned!  Beach Thing updates I estimate that I am about 75% of the way through Beach Thing… possibly more but I’m….pantsing a little bit right now so I’m not too sure. I have a general idea of what’s going to happen before my ending scene but at the same time, letting the prose and muse lead each other around. Overall, writing this project has been enjoyable– once I made it past the ‘this thing kinda sucks’ mark. I love my characters and the setting and what’s happening between them. I’m a little nervous about timing since it’s going to be coming out probably late September. I don’t want it to be later than that because a summer beach romance in October……I don’t know how that’s going to go over and I was NOT waiting a year to put this out! A few of my new betas and my writing pals are helping me with the finer details, something I am QUITE thankful, so THANK YOU. It takes a village and what-not. I hope to update everyone soon with more progress on this WIP! Til then! XOXO DLWHITE    

If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee…

I got the idea for this post from The Perpetual Page Turner. It looks like a great way to get a few miscellaneous things off my chest, out of my mind and let people into the scary place that is my brain. If you are so inclined, steal this idea ( as I have done) and do your own ‘If we were having coffee…’ post. And don’t forget to link me so I can get to know you! Here we go…

An Adventure Worth Writing About- Atlanta #SnowJam2014

An Adventure Worth Writing About- Atlanta #SnowJam2014

I’m blogging today from the warmth and comfort of my home, something I did not think would be possible at this time yesterday (Wednesday, January 29th) morning. I left my home around 7am Tuesday and didn’t make it back until around 1pm Wednesday. Let me first state that yes, I know, Atlanta looks like wimps. We also look like incompetent idiots compared to our neighbors to the North. I have lived in Rapid City, South Dakota and Spokane, Washington. I know snow. I’ve driven in snow, on ice, during blizzard conditions. This is so totally not the same thing. As a city (nay state) we are ill prepared for inclement weather. We get accumulation and meaningful winter weather about once or twice a decade. We don’t have hundreds of plows and salt trucks and stockpiles of salt and sand. Cold, here in ATL, is temps of 20 to 40. It’s currently 7. Seven entire degrees. So, these conditions are unusual. My experience wasn’t traumatic, really; even so I keep tearing up when I think about what has transpired in the last two days. We should have never been at work. We knew it was going to snow. We did receive weather warnings, however many times it’s like the Boy that Cried Wolf. Atlanta shuts down at the HINT of snow, and then snow doesn’t come and we laugh and point fingers and jokey joke about it. So when they said we’d get snow in Metro Atlanta, I scoffed. “It’s not gonna snow in city limits,” I said to our Information Officer. “Maybe in the mountains but we won’t see anything here but flurries.” I……..was so wrong. I heard it was snowing up north (where it wasn’t supposed to be that bad) around 10am. Flurries hit Buckhead (city center, financial district) around 11.I talked with a couple of other people and it was decided we should try to be gone by 1:00 because (we had finally paid attention to the forecast) it […]

*Tiptoes through the weeds and overgrown bushes*

For some reason I have the urge to blog. I don’t know why be cause I don’t have much to update. I’ve still not made my way back to the world of writing (or reading for that matter, which probably has a lot to do with why I’m not writing). I wish I knew what the problem was… I just don’t. I’m plenty jealous (and snarky) about people who are writing and publishing. I’ve had lots of time to look down my nose at authors who might have published a trilogy of “un-fanficced”  fan fiction and then uttered a haughty chuckle at the reports of how it isn’t written very well and it’s badly edited and ha ha ha how embarrassing, while my own manuscript languishes on my desktop at home, collecting dust and every day seeming more and more stupid in the premise and story line department. I really don’t have room to laugh, have nothing to be snarky about and should probably shut my trap. I’ve had lots of time to dive into new, distracting things and continue with old distracting things. I’ve had no problem keeping up with TV shows and gossip and the latest headlines. When it comes to writing, I don’t have time or I don’t feel like it or I’m stuck or I’ve hit a brick wall. Right now I just don’t have the will to fight through it. The odd thing is that I think about it ALL THE TIME. It’s always on my mind. I just haven’t done anything about it. I know this is a rut and it is a minute space in time compared to the rest of my life. And that perhaps I’ve put so much pressure on myself to WRITE A BOOK THIS YEAR that I’ve basically pressured myself out of thinking I can do it. This morning the thought that maybe I’m just not an author crossed my mind. That thought made me sad because while I can’t […]