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Launching today: Books by DL White Reader Group!

Posted 14 July, 2017 by DLWhite in Announcements, Writers Write 0 Comments

Yup, I’m finally taking the plunge.


I leaked this intel to my newsletter subscribers days ago (if you want early info and sneak peeks you should definitely be on my email list!), so a few of you got a jump start on joining this group.

Why now, DL?

I’m writing book number seven, technically, and I feel like I’ve finally reached the point where I want a place to connect with readers to chat about books (mine and errbody else’s), art, music and things that you enjoy. I’m looking to real laid back and hoping for some fun participation.

I’ll be revealing details about book 7 in the group first, so if you want that sneak peek, click on the photo above and join us at Books By DL White!

Author Spotlight on ME at ElizaDavidWrites

Author Spotlight on ME at ElizaDavidWrites

One of the things I love and admire about this Indie Biz is how we support and push each other. We all win when we’re all out front, our voices being heard and our art being consumed. I stumbled on Eliza David just a few short months ago and she is a (petty, vicious, delicious)TREAT! Eliza was kind enough to feature me on her blog today! I recently read her ah-mayyy-ziiinnngg novel The Follow (ya’ll know I’m a stone cold sucka for a rock romance) and I gave it high praise. So happy to have ‘met’ Eliza… thank you for giving me a little corner of your world today! Click the banner to visit ElizaDavidWrites and read all about meeeee!  

*Snip* Dinner at Sam’s – Just another case, Gib

*Snip* Dinner at Sam’s – Just another case, Gib


I haven’t been sharing anything about my new project because I wasn’t (and still am not) sure it was going to take off… but sometimes you just have to put your author pants on (or take them off? Authors don’t like pants!) and stick your neck out there. So I’m sharing a snip today. Hope you like it!

*All the usual stuff applies… unedited, subject to change. Or not see the light of day.*

The new book baby is up on @Goodreads- add ‘Beach Thing’ to your TBR!

The new book baby is up on @Goodreads- add ‘Beach Thing’ to your TBR!

When Ameenah Porter moves to the quaint beach town of Black Diamond Isles to fulfill her dream of opening her own smoothie shop, she encounters a man who is tall, dark and extremely handsome with a wicked taste for orange flavored beverages. She doesn’t need the distraction of a new man but Wade, who’s staying in the giant sized home at the end of her block, is irresistible.

Soon, Wade is a regular fixture at Tikis & Cream and while her days are busy, her nights sizzle.

Wade Marshall was supposed to spend the summer on Black Diamond Isles getting away from the city, ridding himself of the distractions that had been impacting his work. When he meets his bold, beautiful, sexy neighbor with the “glorious hips” and a penchant for ice cream, he tries hard to resist, but the attraction wins him over.

There’s only one problem: Wade is returning to Brooklyn at the end of the summer. Ameenah lives on Black Diamond. If they give into their desires, it has to be with the understanding that this fling is just that… a Beach Thing.

As the end of summer on Black Diamond nears, will they run from what they feel, or admit what they’ve known all along?