Excerpt: The Kwanzaa Brunch by DL White

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In case you missed it, my holiday short, The Kwanzaa Brunch is here! This lighthearted, fun and funny romance is now available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited. Grab it by clicking THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. Add this book to your Goodreads TBR HERE.

Enjoy this excerpt and do be sure to let me know how much you adore Booker Lasalle and Sienna Charles!


I went into the master bathroom and turned on the shower, but a ping from my phone drew my attention. It was the standard text tone, which meant it was someone unfamiliar.

Anthony Thomas:  You watch that game? Bron is siiiick!

I carried the phone into the bathroom, catching the wrinkle creasing my forehead in the nearly steamed up mirror. Why was Anthony texting me so late? We could just talk in the morning.

I shrugged and tapped out an answer.

Booker: Sure did. Enjoyed that win, even though I’m not a Lakers fan.

Anthony: A lot of non Lakers fans sure do watch a lot of Lakers games…

Booker: LOL. Just saying, I wasn’t watching them before Lebron came to the team.

Anthony: I’m playing with you. You got plans for New Year’s Eve?

I paused, thinking back to lunch when Sienna had suggested that Anthony invite me to something but he had shut that down. Quickly.

Now I was getting an invite? Hmmm.

Booker:  Not yet. I was thinking about heading back to Baton Rouge but my friends all bought tickets to some big event with their girls.

Anthony: Well, no pressure, but my wife has ordered me to extend an invitation to our party. It’s casual. Jeans are fine. I’ll give you the details in the morning if you’re interested.

I grabbed the collar of the polo I’d worn that day at the back of my neck and pulled it up and over my head, dropping it at my feet. My pants and boxers followed. Then, standing nude in my bathroom, the spacious, bland palate of the room blanketed in steam, I tapped out the question I was afraid to ask, that I had no business asking, with Tara still filling up my text message box.

Booker: Sienna gonna be there?

The text message dots bounced. Then paused. Then bounced.

Anthony: Yep.

Huh. Earlier he had said… but now… huh.

Booker: Is this a thing where you’re asking to be nice, but I should refuse, cause it’s gon’ be some fuckshit?

Anthony: LOL! No, man. It’s a nice time. And you want to taste my wife’s cooking. She goes all out for holidays. I might could talk her into making you a pot of red beans and rice if it’ll convince you to come out.

I nodded, giving a fist bump to nobody. I’d go through hell for red beans and rice.

Booker: Magic words. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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