Here comes #2020: What are your Determinations for the New Year?

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So, I love this term DETERMINATIONS

I didn’t make it up. I stole it. 

Aight, I didn’t steal it, I’ve borrowed it from author Saeed Jones, who recently spoke about the practice of making yearly Determinations, as encouraged by his mother, on a podcast I enjoy called Death, Sex & Money and again on his website, where he has invited us to share our Determinations for the New Year.

I love this word because it seems so much unlike Resolutions, which I hated, I never made, and when I did make them, I didn’t keep them. They were unrealistic and lofty, not based in anything but “stuff I wanna do”. And then I would promptly forget about them until Jan 1 of the following year.

Determinations feels entirely more rooted in reality and more than wishes and hopes because they aren’t dreams. They are your PRIORITIES. 

I invite you to head over to Saeed’s post HERE and add yours. Articulate why this will be a big step forward for you. If you don’t want to be all public about it, that’s okay, too. No need to be performative for people to take you seriously! Write them for yourself. And then put them somewhere visible, where you can see them, where you can use them to encourage yourself, to track your progress toward your personal priorities. Among others, here are my determinations (they’re usually made using “I will” :

  1. I will continue the great strides I have made to take care of myself, stay up on all of my regular well checks and stay healthy. We only get one body. 
  2. I will finish the two books that I started, then set aside.
  3. I will push myself to step out of my comfort zone with regard to socializing and making friends.
  4. I will make regular (monthly, quarterly) appointments to spend one-on-one time with people who are important to me.
  5. I will continue to set aside time for myself to decompress and not feel guilty about enjoying that time, even if I use it to do nothing


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