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Driving the #StruggleBus. All aboard!

Posted 20 May, 2019 by DLWhite in Announcements 0 Comments

Hi friends,

a memo is on the keyboard of a computer as a reminder: break

A few days ago, I sent an email that I have needed to send for a long time. In it, I regretfully informed the organizers I would not be able to participate in Indie Love this year, a multi author book signing featuring gobs of talented independent authors.

I’ve typed and erased a number of explanations and caveats. Words escape me, as usual. I’m struggling. I’m taking a break– not from writing but from being Author DL White.

If you were hoping to purchase a signed book from me at Indie Love, reach out to me at authordl@booksbydlwhite com and I’ll take care of you.  If you don’t need them signed, they’re available everywhere ebooks are sold for a very reasonable price.

I have appreciated all of your support over the years. I will still be ontwitter, instagram, facebook. I’m hoping to spend the summer doing some fun projects with the fanfiction archive, reviving my love for writing.

#WIPWednesday: Guy Next Door- Nurse Taj And Miss Girard

#WIPWednesday: Guy Next Door- Nurse Taj And Miss Girard

So… if all goes well, you’ll be meeting Taj and Evonne in Guy Next Door, a Potter Lake Novella, in June. Until then, I’m hoping I’m not jinxing myself by posting a lil snip snip of this book before I’ve made it past the point of no return. You know how it be… sometimes a book just falls apart. I, however, am determined to finish and have this ready for Indie Love – June 22nd! (GETCHO TICKETS –!) Without further ado or other procrastination…   The storm was already raging by the time I got home. I flew through the short walk from the garage to the house, showered […]