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Happy New Year!

Posted 1 January, 2019 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

Alright, that’s enough of that. *HAH*

Seriously, I am wishing as joyous a year possible for you and all those you call your loved ones!

I won’t make this a long post, but since it is a first brand new day of a brand new month of a brand new year, I should bring myself to this blog and say hey and talk about 2019 a little. 

I am not one to make long drawn out goals. I don’t do resolutions (a few years ago I did anti resolutions, things I was going to stop doing. I liked that, might bring it back at some point!), and you won’t see me planning out my entire year in this blog today. In my journal this morning… oh yeah, I decided to start journaling… I wrote that the beginning of a new year scares me. TBH, the beginning of a new month scares me. It’s just… I’m more of a continuous kind of gal. Starting over all the time is jarring to me. When I open Book Report on the first day of the month, my heart skips a beat. It starts at zero and I have to work my way up again. Every. Month. 

That’s tiresome to me. And daunting. So, nope there won’t be a new year, new me. Same old me, figuring out what works and then STICKING WITH THAT BECAUSE IT WORKS. Not changing things up because the 8 changed to a 9 and now all of a sudden I am a different person. #thatsnothowitworks 

Anyway, I do have some things I want to accomplish, some personal, some bookish, some writerly. I tweeted and facebooked some so if you follow me there, you’ve seen the list. I’m simply too lazy to retype them, but suffice it to say– better me, lots of reading and writing. DASSIT. Everything after that is gravy, man. 

This was a supremely lazy post, but when have I ever tried to be fancy for ya’ll?! 

I sincerely hope this year is all that you want it to be and more! Til the next time.