‘Wrong Answer’ – The story that started it all is headed to the big screen

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Michael B. Jordan, Ryan Coogler working on movie about APS cheating scandal

The movie focuses on the standardized test cheating scandal in the Atlanta Public Schools system.

Author: Adrianne Haney
Published: 9:44 PM EST February 20, 2018

Director Ryan Coogler and actor Michael B. Jordan are teaming up again for a movie that’s personal to Atlanta.
Industry magazine, Variety reports the duo – who have previously worked together for “Fruitvale Station,” Creed,” and “Black Panther” – are reuniting to bring the story of the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal to the big screen in a new movie called “Wrong Answer.”

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First of all. WOW.
This is the story that started it all for me. The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal, and subsequent trials and convictions, was HOT NEWS around 2010-2011. I was an avid NPR listener and every day, there some something new on this story. 80 teachers confessed, 11 were convicted. The Superintendent at the time died from cancer before she could be convicted and sentenced.
The ripple from this scandal reached far and wide, including my writer’s brain. I started to think about this from the perspective of an involved teacher… no, someone with a bit more power.
Like a Principal. What if she made a preventable, regrettable mistake?
What if she paid for that mistake with her marriage, her family, her friends, even her life?
Yes, Brunch at Ruby’s is a warm women’s fiction novel about the strength of friendships but it’s also about one woman in particular, the mistake she made and the lengths to which she had to pay for it.
Haven’t read it? Hop on over to Amazon and snag it or listen to it on audiobook at Audible.

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