*Book Blitz* From author Tia Kelly- The Breakup Plan, a best friends to enemies romance

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by Tia Kelly
Published by Amazon Digital Services Genres: African American Romance, Contemporary, Sports Romance, Women's Fiction
Format: eBook

*Book Blitz* From author Tia Kelly- The Breakup Plan

A best friends to enemies romance, available Wednesday, September 12th (after 10PM EDT!)

Meet the Author

Tia Kelly is the author of contemporary and women’s fiction. She is known for her candid way of capturing life, love and relationships… one story at a time.


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Meet the Book

A man without a plan is a shell without purpose.

Which is why I sat down almost nine years ago and put pen to paper mapping out my ten-year plan. I meant business. Everything that could set me up for a lifetime of joy had to go down on the list, and every day I worked my ass off to fulfill it.

Open my own sports agency. Check.

Earn first million by my thirtieth birthday. I did that a week before I turned 26.

Negotiate the most lucrative contract in Major League’s history. Did that, too. Then went and broke my own record. (Thanks big bro!)

I could go on, but this isn’t about bragging. It’s me admitting in the midst of drafting something that helps shape and mold much of my success, I made a costly mistake.

One day I realized all those entries with corresponding checkmarks are pointless if I never factored into the equation the most important goal of all. Avery.

Perhaps way back then I wasn’t ready to see how much my best friend of fifteen years deserved that number one spot in my life. Maybe I was blind since the whole settle down and get married scenario wasn’t my thing since, well, forever. But now that I’m aware of the role I need her to fill in my life, there’s no such thing as letting go until I can convince her to be mine.

Considering she’s about to marry someone else does make winning her heart a little bit dicey. But if there’s anything you should ever know about me is that I always play to win. And losing Avery is non-negotiable.

The Breakup Plan.

A best friends to enemies romance.

He ruined her wedding day and he’ll do it again until she’s his.. 

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Meet the Excerpt

She sat down on a padded wicker loveseat. Instead of going to a chair, I sat beside her. Close enough that her thigh brushed against mine a few times. Avery shifted to balance her plate and scoot away a few inches, but my proximity left little room for her to go.

“Tell me about the email?”

Her feigned interest in the food on her plate distracted me from the conversation. Avery was once a self-declared foodie, but this new version of her made no sense and coincided with him.

I sliced a piece of sausage and dropped it on her plate between the quinoa and blueberries she must have requested but understandably lost interest in. “Try it.”


Forking two of the pieces off my plate for myself, I chewed and nudged her again. “Eat.”

“Stop talking with food in your mouth.” When she rolled her eyes and smirked at me, I knew I was making progress.

“I will if you eat that,” I said, pointing my fork at the sausage. Chef Laurel flew selections like this organic sage chicken sausage in just for Avery when he would likely grunt if I wanted something from the Whole Foods around the corner from my house. And I’m the one paying him. She had to know it. I know I did. Chef Laurel was wrapped around this woman’s finger and was almost as tightly coiled around it as me. Nah, there’s no way she could have anyone else as twisted around that pinky so tight or discombobulated as me.

Avery just has this effect on people. Even random strangers love doing for her because she was always so giving of herself and cares without expectation in return. Avery also adores Chef Laurel, and when he prepared a meal once with this sausage from whatever city we were visiting at the time, Avery made it known for an entire week straight how much she loved it. To thank her for appreciating his food, Chef would often send for it just because he knew how much she enjoyed it.

And like the voice of temptation, it was my duty to remind her of these things. “You know you want to.”

The corner of her mouth twitched until she graced me with a sweet smile. “I do.”

“I know. Here.” I added a full link to her plate and one of my pancakes.

To my surprise, she didn’t protest anymore. I did catch a moment of remorse after her first bite, but by the second one, she forgot all about the pile of quinoa on her plate.


This is where things got uncomfortable. Not like it was beachside yesterday, I’m talking about the way she woke up my penis with that moan just like she did the other night. It didn’t help that her head rolled back as she had no shame indulging aloud what was obviously a rare moment of ecstasy. Hair falling back over the sofa cushion, that sensual neck of hers daring me to move closer for a nip and those brown eyes damn near rolling back into yesterday did me all the way in.

So how did I handle it? I took some more food off my plate and gave it to her. You think I’m going to pass up the chance at watching someone as beautiful as Avery damn near have an orgasm over some buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup?

Avery took another bite of my pancake and followed it with a quick swipe of the tongue to catch a drop of syrup hanging onto the edge of her bottom lip.

“What did the email say?”

Huh? I blinked to shake the trance she put me in. “Oh. Donovan approved the budget and next month’s shooting schedule.”

Whatever I said instantly robbed Avery of the blissful expression on her face that I was also enjoying with her. I heard about sexual encounters that fizzled with a quickness so I’m guessing this would be the food version.

“What?” I asked.

Setting her plate down on the table in front of us, Avery started to move in careful, measured ways. “Next month?”

“Why is that a surprise? You’re the one that drafted the schedule.”

She nodded, and when she bit on her lip, I knew whatever she was about to say was not going to be good. “About that.”

Leveling my eyes on her, I put my plate down then dropped an arm across the back of the sofa. “Avery.”

“I was hoping we could discuss this when we got back to Philly, but I guess I might as well tell you now.”

“Tell me what, Avery. Just spill it.”


On Sale this Wednesday at 10 PM (EST)

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