Same Time Next Week & A Thin Line Going Out of Print…

Posted 20 November, 2018 by DLWhite in Announcements, Writers Write 0 Comments

Hello friends and readers! Just a quick note to make an announcement about two of my books- A THIN LINE and SAME TIME NEXT WEEK.

Many of you who have been following me for some time know that these two books hail from my fanfiction days. Same Time Next Week was my first NaNoWriMo project and after it had been complete for a few years, I converted it to an interracial erotic romance. It really never sold like I thought it would. A Thin Line was a fanfiction story I started and never finished. I converted this book to a black romance. This book was not a big seller, either.  

These books mean a lot to me and hold more than a few good memories. They were my therapy while writing them and provided a back list for me when I needed it, however I find myself increasingly embarrassed at the low quality of the writing and formatting, and more specifically the editing. Plainly put, I want to be proud of my work and these two don’t measure up anymore.  I may go back and do some serious editing and rewriting and offer them as freebies on other platforms, but for now, they’re coming down. 

I have already retired the paperback editions of these books and marked the eBook versions down to 99cents. They’re in Kindle Unlimited until December 6th. On December 7th I will unpublish them. If you’re interested in purchasing or reading them, NOW IS THE TIME. They won’t be available for sale again! 

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