Featured: Brunch at Ruby’s Audiobook

Posted 7 March, 2018 by DLWhite in Announcements, Writers Write 2 Comments

Hello friends! I hope all is well with you & yours. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Because I have been a lazy such and so and have been knock down drag out busy with dayjob, I don’t believe that I have announced on this site that my debut novel, Brunch at Ruby’s is now available in audio! YEPPER, now you can spend time with Debra, Maxine and Renee on the GO! The book is available via Audible, iTunes and amazon.com, so if you just LOVE audiobooks, or it’s been FOREVER since you read Ruby’s or you just wanna support a sistah with one of your creddiks, give it a listen!

So, my narrator is too awesome for words. She actually approached me about recording Ruby’s, as she had read the book and was interested in voicing it. I’d listed the book on ACX just to see what would happen. And lookah here. Sharrell has the warm, rich, smooth voice in the story teller cadence that I was hoping for. And it’s so…….surreal… to hear someone speak the words you poured blood sweat and tears into. Ruby’s is truly the book of my heart and having it available on audio is just… something I never thought would happen.

ANYHOOZLE, I didn’t log into wordpress to brag or gush… well, I did actually, sort of. Sharell has a website where she’s been journaling the projects that she has voiced. These aren’t book reviews, but more profiles on the books she has read. #24 is my baby, Brunch at Ruby’s. Sharell talks a bit about her experience recording the book and her favorite part (which is my favorite part too!). Give her a read and check out her site.

And if you’re interested in hiring her as a producer, hit her up on ACX HERE.


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