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Review: Cherish Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 7) by Farrah Rochon – 5 star read!

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Review: Cherish Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 7) by Farrah Rochon – 5 star read!by Farrah Rochon
on June 25th 2018
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Harrison Holmes has it all: the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect life. Until it all comes crashing down around him. Of all the problems suddenly complicating his life, the troubling state of his relationship with his wife Willow scares Harrison the most. In an effort to rekindle the dying flames of his once-perfect marriage, he makes plans to whisk Willow off to Italy for their wedding anniversary. But will it be enough, or will Harrison have to face his greatest fear of all, losing the woman he cherishes?

Willow Holmes has the kind of life she’s always dreamed of: a handsome, successful husband, a palatial home in the suburbs, and two remarkable children. So why is she so unhappy? Maybe because she had other dreams that went unfulfilled. Now she's rethinking the career and life she sacrificed to devote herself to marriage and motherhood. When her husband gifts her with a delayed honeymoon in Rome, Willow sees it as a first step in setting their relationship back on track. But how can she make Harrison see that one trip won't fix all that ails their marriage? And what will become of them when the secret she’s been keeping comes to light?

Cherish Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 7)Cherish Me by Farrah Rochon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I tell you, folks. Sometimes I feel extremely fortunate to know some super talented, entertaining writers. Farrah Rochon is among them, and one of the best I have ever read. I thought the Bayou Dreams series was good… and then came Maplesville. And then she restarted the Holmes Brothers (which was her first book) series. Cherish Me is Book 7 in this series and every gotdang one of them is so good.
Every time Farrah hops a plane, I know I’m going to see that city in a book somewhere, because with Farrah, the setting is always a major part of the story, from beautiful Tuscany to the quaint French Quarter. Recently, Farrah went to Italy so I knew I was going to be enveloped in a story in which I felt like I was IN Italy and I was not disappointed.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. CHERISH ME for the grown and sexy reader. Don’t get me wrong, newness is fun to plot and plan and write. Meet Cutes and fresh starts and long, lusty gazes between people who have just met are much easier than establishing a long, comfortable relationship. And showing that love and the cracks in the foundation and still making it a viable, entertaining story can be a challenge.
That’s what we’ve got, what we’ve seen brewing between Willow and Harrison for the past few Holmes Bros books. They’ve been together a long time, have an enviable marriage, have two great kids with great kid problems. Like any couple, they have some issues, but Harrison seems a bit blindsided by Willow’s withdrawal over the past few months and when she asks for a temporary but MAJOR change, he’s thrown for a loop. He’s done nothing but love his wife and provide for his family. He can’t imagine what the issue between he and Willow might be.
I feel like the dual POV is so helpful here because we watch both Harrison and Willow work through their issues and struggle to see eye to eye, all the while being committed to loving each other and working it out. When Harrison surprises Willow with a trip to Italy (though he doesn’t fly), it seems like that may be the salve that heals the relationship. Some time away in a gorgeous, historic, romantic country? Yes, please.
But those of us who live real lives know it takes more than a romantic gesture, some nice words and steamy sex to heal a rift in a relationship. The eventual conversation between this couple is… whew. So realistic. We aren’t always nice and sweet to each other.
Like any romance, we hope to see a happy ending, especially between a long-married established couple. More important to me is the journey from fractured coupling to a whole relationship and restoration of what they had before. The true talent and skill in storytelling is in that journey.
This is a great one, well worthy of your face! Pre-sale links are up…  grab this one!

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