#WritingWednesday- Post Release Check in + Books I Put In My Face

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I just be making up these hashtags. I don’t know if it’s #WipWednesday or #WritingWednesday or #WhateverYouLikeWednesday…. whatever. I found myself wanting to blog but not having much to talk about, so this’ll just be a check in and catch up post, for anyone who doesn’t follow me elsewhere about the Interwebs.

Let’s Talk About The Book

The first question people always ask, especially after a launch is how is the book doing? Welp, the book is doing pretty well! We are more than two weeks post launch and still seeing daily sales and page reads. BookMama is happy! But let’s look at some numbers.

First of all, I said that I had set a goal for the first two weeks post launch– I wanted to sell 100 copies of Dinner at Sam’s. This can be a difficult goal to hit because I know so many of my readers are on the Kindle Unlimited subscription program. That means I get paid a certain amount per page read x however many people are reading. Others might just buy the book for a whole $3.99 and I earn 70% of that. So, I DID THAT! I hit that goal at fewer than two weeks out and it made me blissfully happy. Here’s where I am sitting:

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In case you can’t see, that is 112 copies of Sam’s sold, outright. Super cool. Page reads are off the charts as well, so I am extremely grateful for my KU readers and I hope I am making that monthly subscription #worfit.

One other noteable to add is that when I pubbed Ruby‘s, I was sitting there with one book published and people asking, “so what else have you written? What else can I read? When’s your next book coming out?” Also, I felt like I was being redundant, pushing the same (only) book I had out week after week. I wanted and needed a back list, and so I quickly rehabbed two fanfic stories into novels and pushed them out– Same Time Next Week  & A Thin Line. Since then I’ve pubbed Beach Thing and now Dinner at Sam’s… and let me tell you the power of a backlist!

Peep this chart and tell me what you see:

If you said, “Well, DL, I see yo’ sales sitting on the gotdang flo’ until you published something new, and then your old stuff started selling,” you win! The prize is my undying love and affection. But seriously, we’ve been saying this (and I’ve been reading a bit about it)… marketing is marketing. Absolutely promo and market your books– once a week, pick a book and SET IT OUT THERE. SHOOT YOUR SHOT. I have had coffee, can you tell??? But also, there’s nothing that keeps you in the game like writing good books, over and over and over. Nothing sells your past work like your current work, so keep. writing. books. I can’t wait until I have like ten books out and then this backlist action will be incredible.

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So…. whatcha doin’?

I always wonder what authors are doing once they publish a book and get through the first few weeks post launch. Some are on a perpetual cycle of writing and editing and submission, especially if they are traditional. While waiting on edits on book A, they’ve already started writing book B, so they have to stop writing to do final pass pages on Book A, then go back to Book B and get it ready for submission whilst planning Book C.

I………….. am not this writer.

Have I ever mentioned that I can’t stand to be busy? I do best when I am concentrating on one thing at a time. And when I finish a book, I’m thinking about promoting the book, and then my brain needs a break. I need to clear my thoughts of those two characters so new ones can come sit down in my head and start talking, give me their stories to write.

And then I need time to think. It’s like the book has written itself in my head before I even put pen to paper. So what I am doing right now is thinking. A whole lotta thinking.

And reading.

When I am writing, I like to read for about an hour a day. Unfortunately that doesn’t give me the time to read as voraciously as normal, so when I am not writing, I inhale books. So many new releases have come out recently and I am happy to have the time to read them. I have recently enjoyed:

Deadly Pursuit- Ann Christopher (this is a series and I have to start back at #1 to get to the book she released this week. Soooo goooooodddddd…. )

Heated Harmonies- Alexandra Warren (I’m a stone cold sucka for a music romance. Excellent read!)

Something Like Love – Christina C Jones (There’s never a book this woman will publish that I don’t read. AUTOBUY LIKE A MUHFUGGAH. She makes me want to be a better writer)

I’ve re-read a couple of my own titles, because I am vain and a fan of myself. I recently re-read Brunch at Ruby’s and Beach Thing.

Aside from reading I have been gearing up to start another project. I normally need a long break after writing a book but I am trying to shorten that break time. Operation Write More Books requires that I actually………….. write more books. I’ve purchased my new writing journal and I am going to spend the weekend getting it all ready to go! I’ve also printed off my Beat Sheet and I want to start thinking about what happens in this book (what’s my end point and how do I get there) so I can have a little bit of an outline going in. I try to write by the seat of my pants but the older I get, the less I can make it up on the fly and still end up where I want to be.

Gotta do what you need to do to get it done. It doesn’t matter how every other author does it. How do YOU do it?

That’s my check in! I’ll be back as soon as I have more info to share about what’s coming next!




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