Leslie’s Curl & Dye – “Not all my crazy is on display.”

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by DL White
Genres: African American Romance, Small town romance

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Tamera untied her client’s cape and removed it, then hung it on a hook near her chair. A middle aged woman with a short salt and pepper afro stood and handed Tamera a few bills, telling her to keep the change. “Thank you, Ms. Jackie. See you next week?”
The woman nodded and walked out of the shop, smiling as she passed me. Tamera used a towel to wipe down her chair, then tapped the back of it.
“KC, come on over here. I’ve been staring at your hairline all day and I can’t take it anymore.”
I stared at Tamera from across the room. Even Leslie stopped twisting hair to bounce her gaze between me and Tamera and back.
“Uh… me? Come over there?”
“Yeah, you. Come over here. I’ve been wanting to snap some candid shots of you, but you need a lineup and your fade is sloppy. Let me fix you up so you look good.”
I glanced at Leslie but still didn’t move. I didn’t trust Tamera to not jack my hair up.
As if she could read my mind, she laughed. “If I was gonna mess you up, I’d break into your house with some clippers. I’m not going to make you look bad. I promise.” She tapped the chair again, swiveling it around toward me. It was just… there. Welcoming me to sit.
I groaned, then got up and slowly loped across the shop to Tamera’s station. I lowered myself into the chair and sat still while the cape floated over me, then draped around my shoulders.
“I promise, I’m not gonna mess your hair up, KC. You want to look good in these pictures, so you can win this election, right? But since I have you here…” 

She lowered her head next to mine and got close, so close I could feel her breath on my neck.
“I’m being nice to you because Leslie asked me to. I assume she asked you to do the same. I’ll play this game, but let’s get real clear on something: no one loves Leslie like I do. No one. And so help me, if you fuck with her… if you give her any reason to even think about shedding a tear over your ass, you will regret it. Not all my crazy is on display. There’s plenty in stock in the back. You get me?”
I swallowed. And nodded.
“Glad we’re on the same page. I’d hate to see you limping around here with two bad knees. We just have to act like the adults we are and get you into office. I can do that. Can you?”
Again, I nodded.
“That’s good. Real good,” she responded, straightening. I heard a click and then the low buzz of the clippers near my ear. I closed my eyes and braced.

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