Monday Morning Warm Up: BottleCap

Posted 19 June, 2017 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

Welcome to Monday Morning Warm-Up! Time to streeeetch those writing muscles! 

Today’s Q:

If you could send yourself an important message, one short enough to fit on a bottle cap, what would it be?





I stole this from someone else, but it’s always relevant to me! I can think of a hundred excuses for not writing and not a single reason to SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, and START WRITING. This is a BAD week to set a new tone, since it’s National Sales Week here at work and I have some LONG days head and a long weekend with #BlackGirlTime and Indie love, but this is going to be on my mind.

Time to get my butt in motion. Books don’t get written by osmosis and by thinking about it. Butt in seat, let’s see some pages turn!


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