Monday Morning Warm Up: Blank Page

Posted 26 June, 2017 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

A new day, a new week, soon to be a new month. A blank page, so to speak. What are you planning to put on this page? 

I’m admittedly (and maybe controversially??? ) not about announcing my plans and dreams and goals. I like to press and persist quietly, as far as the big goals go, and mark my accomplishments and milestones after I have achieved them. However I do acknowledge that there is some kind of unique power in speaking your intentions aloud to anyone willing to hear. It’s always nice to hear, ‘oh me too girl! Good luck to us!’

More often than not, though, keeping quiet keeps me from depending on others for my motivation. I don’t want to need a cheering section to get things done. I don’t want to move only when prodded by an outside influence. I want to be moved by my goals and desires, by my own motivation, my own two feet. So I keep my major goals to myself. I achieve the shit out of them. I clap for myself.


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