Goals Schmoals- What that year be lookin’ like?

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As I get older, and more ensconced in social media, I find that certain words become overused and grate on my last frazzled nerve. Diverse. Marginalized. Inclusive is getting there.

I hate the word goals. And I have hated the word RESOLUTION my whole life. And it’s not just the word. Nothing puts me in a deer-in-headlights stupor than the practice of listing out things I want to do in a year. I have NO IDEA, people.

But… everyone’s doing it. And I don’t want it to seem like Im not thinking about my future, because “what I’m gonna do next” is always on my mind.

So, I came up with a light, non taxing list of things I might could accomplisth this year, designed to make me feel less like I am rebelling but not jumping into the boiling hot New Year’s Resolution cauldron.

I am calling these my 2017 Priorities:

  • Four years ago I had weight loss surgery. I’ve never been much of a shopper, but buying smaller clothes was more fun than a sharp stick in the eye. Once I settled down in sizes, I stopped shopping, really. I got lazy and I look frumpy on more days than I care to admit. My hair is… a mess… I’m just not a hair person. I don’t care, I’ll shave it off. So, for 2017, I am going to bring myself back from wherever I let myself go to. Taking care in my appearance, liking what I see in the mirror.
  • I had some health challenges in 2016 which made any kind of exercise a strain on my body. There’s no excuse for not moving my tush, so I bought a fitbit to track my movement and challenge myself to getting in more steps. The building I work in is large  and there’s plenty of room to push myself. Thankfully I don’t need to lose anymore weight but being healthy is about more than wearing a small size.
  • Annual Goodreads challenge: I pledged to read 125 books with focus on black authors and as always read more craft books. One a month, if I can.
  • Writing: Of course I’ll be writing, I just don’t have any book plans set in stone. The Ruby’s followup is always top of mind, but I don’t have a deadline for it.
  • Travel:Try to plan ahead more to get out of town, even a weekend trip does a lot to help me feel refreshed.  I am usually sitting around doing nothing. Need to try harder to get up and GO. (I also write better when I am away)
  • Finance: I paid off three bills this year! Yay! I’ve got my eye on three cards that can go next year. On the train to debt free. I miss having disposable income!
  • Housing: Move by May 1. I’d like to pay at least $100 less on rent per month and live closer to work.

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