*August 2017 Results!*

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Hello there! For anyone that is interested in my August results since my post on how I was making more of a marketing effort, I have some numbers! Technically I should wait until tomorrow but the change in books sold and $ amount will be miniscule and I wanted to look at the numbers today.

First, let’s look at June and July. I blot out $$ amounts but you can figure it out if you’re good at maffs. What’s important to me is # of books sold and pages read. 30/98K in June and 29/59K in July. Not stellar, by my own personal standards.

An average of $5 to $15 a day. Not too bad but both months amounted to a few hundred dollars in earnings. Coming off of a book release in May (which was my biggest month ever), I wasn’t all that pleased in how my efforts failed to carry into a new month and wanted to change things up, hence my post on Book Marketing a few weeks ago.



Where I am ending up for August, with a few more page reads/sales than stated on this chart. Extremely happy with August. My new goal is to stay here and build. I haven’t planned out September yet but I have a book release coming up, so I am sure I’ll build up to that and do something to hold up those sales through the rest of the month.

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