Now Available: Dinner at Sam’s by DL White

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There’s always a point, when I start writing a new book, where I am sure I will never finish it, it’ll never hit the shelves, I’ll hit a certain point, get stuck, try something else and then and never go back to it. I have about five or six stories in my writing folder that are exactly like that.

But… something about Gibson, a do gooder attorney who’s the black sheep of the family, and Vanessa, a former exotic dancer just trying to divorce her husband and move on with her life, that pushed me to tell their story. I’m always trying to answer the what-if: what if a woman fell for her divorce attorney? (I actually got this idea from The Golden Girls- when Blanche asks Dorothy who was the first man she slept with after her divorce, Sophia says, “The divorce attorney. It’s always the divorce attorney. It’s the oldest cliche in the book!”) 

I think, what happened in this case, is a beautiful, fun, sexy love story was born. I hope you love it!

Grab it at Amazon today HERE or borrow it with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Paperback edition coming soon!


Vanessa Jackson is just trying to get her life together.
It’s been a year since her marriage ended and her husband left her and their children destitute. If she could just divorce the son-of-a-bitch, the future would be bright, but Warren is fighting the process every step of the way.
If she wants a divorce, and to move on with her life, she needs an attorney.

Gibson Kincaid is the youngest of four brothers, all attorneys at Kincaid Family Law, operated under the watchful eye of Sylvia, the “Silver Shark” Kincaid. Gibson is the rebel, the one who’s never going to do what Mother wants him to do. Instead of serving the interests of wealthy and high profile Kincaid clients, Gibson prefers to serve the ‘down on their luck’ sector, earning him the nickname “community lawyer”.

When Sylvia rejects Vanessa as a client, it’s a lucky break that she— literally —runs into Gibson. The attraction between them is immediate, smoldering, mutual. And distracting. Vanessa’s just trying to get divorced, not pick up a new man, and certainly not her divorce attorney!

Gibson is trying to do right by his new client, but he can’t lie; he wants to help Vanessa get divorced. So he can have her to himself.

But Warren still has a few tricks up his sleeve, and Vanessa is hiding a huge part of her past that she’s not ready for Gibson to know.

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