(Signed) Books… how many of us have them? Books…

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Ones we can depend on??? You’re welcome. 


Right now I’m singing Books … how many of us have them? Books… to the tune of Friends by Whodini and I am not even sure where that came from. I had to google it, to be honest.

So, if you didn’t make it to Indie Love (or you made it but didn’t get to my table), I have a few books leftover that I’d love to get rid of! I would even be willing to place an order for additional books if readers are interested.  To order:

Simply go to the BOOKS page here on my website. You’ll find the paperbacks I have available and an ‘ADD TO CART’ button near each book. Click on that and you’ll see your cart begin to build. Use the code IndieLove to take 25% off of your purchase. Please make sure I have an address for you before you check out! 

Shipping will be a flat fee of $4 (right now, we’ll see how much shipping I will be doing and adjust as we go).

*I haven’t been able to test this out because it won’t let me order books from myself, so… if you encounter problems, shout at me on any of my social media platforms or an email at authordl@booksbydlwhite.com. 

Books ordered via this link will be signed and shipped from ME. That means I may need to place a bulk order to ship to ME so I can ship them out. I don’t plan to maintain a large stock, so please use patience when ordering via my website. If you just want the book quickly and not signed (or to save to be signed later), you can always order them from Amazon (working on getting all my books up there so they can be ordered via Prime) or Lulu.com (search DL White and I’ll pop up).

Thanks as always for your interest… and happy reading!

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