GOAL! Or… I hit that mark I was shooting for!

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So… Ya’ll know I am not much for… goals. *spits word out with sour expression* . Something about the word just doesn’t sit with me. I don’t know what I call it except shooting for marks but… I was shooting for something and YEAH! I made it!

The launch of this book is middle of the road for me. It’s not my fastest selling (A Thin Line) or my most sold (Beach Thing) but it’s also not my least or slowest sold (Same Time Next Week or Anonymous). So, it’s not my worst and it’s not my best, and that’s totally OKAY. I read a lot of authors in various places talking about launching a new release to zero sales and a dismal week one. I ended up with more sales than I anticipated for week one, so YAYness right there.

Going into week two, I had a mark I wanted to hit before the end of the week. I know ONE week is a lot to endure from an author, promo wise. And week two I was going to have to be extremely annoying, but… it had to be done.

So today, Thursday, I hit my goal! WOOT! This was a numbers based goal, based on sales for the first two weeks. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m a bestseller or anything……. but the goal was triple digits. And I am HAPPY cause MAMA I MADE IT! 

My next goal is a monetary goal and I think it’s going to take a minute to hit it, so I’m going to ease back on promo for a minute and let that number climb generically. I mean, I will promote the book but I’m not going at it hard like I have been for the past two weeks.

You’re welcome. I know.

I have determined, however, that PROMOTION WORKS. It does, so do it. I’ll be pimping my books (one book a week, a couple of days a week) from now on. I get new readers everyday, and word of mouth is so important so I appreciate those reblogs and RT’s and shares. KEEP. THEM. COMING.

And also?


Last thing! If you are coming to Indie Love in June, my hugging arms are ready. Bring ’em here!



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