Author Spotlight on ME at ElizaDavidWrites

Posted 12 July, 2017 by DLWhite in Announcements 0 Comments

One of the things I love and admire about this Indie Biz is how we support and push each other. We all win when we’re all out front, our voices being heard and our art being consumed. I stumbled on Eliza David just a few short months ago and she is a (petty, vicious, delicious)TREAT!

Eliza was kind enough to feature me on her blog today! I recently read her ah-mayyy-ziiinnngg novel The Follow (ya’ll know I’m a stone cold sucka for a rock romance) and I gave it high praise. So happy to have ‘met’ Eliza… thank you for giving me a little corner of your world today!

Click the banner to visit ElizaDavidWrites and read all about meeeee!


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