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#TeaserTuesday: Leslie’s Curl & Dye -Whatever kinda undies you have on –

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I decided to do a lil TuesdayTease of Leslie’s Curl & Dye, since it’s Tuesday and the book is out! Snatch it up Amazon, or read it free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Enjoy!

I drank my iced coffee, looking around the room that was a shrine to his old life. “You probably get asked this a hundred times a day, but do you miss the court?”
He started to nod, then grimaced. “I mostly miss being on a team, traveling, playing for TV cameras, whatever. I was kind of a ham.”
“Yes, you were,” fell out of my mouth before I could stop myself from saying it. But he was. KC knew where the cameras were at all times and managed to get his face in one at every open opportunity. The headline wasn’t usually by how much whatever team he was on won or lost; it was about whatever gesture or expression KC showed the crowd that night.
“See, I knew you followed my career. You’re not as cold and uncaring as you want to seem.”
“It’s not like I could help it. Those first two years, everyone at Healy went crazy. You’re all anyone talked about.”
“But you didn’t have to keep watching.”
“I sort of did. My ex was a fan, since you both went to Healy and all. You were on all his Fantasy teams.”
“Oh yeah?” He nodded, halfway smiling. “That’s wassup. Did he know that you knew me?”
“Thats why he wanted to date me at first. He was always trying to see if he could get tickets to a game if your team was playing in Chicago. I told him I didn’t know you like that. I couldn’t just ask you for tickets.”
“You could have just asked me for tickets. You did know me like that.”
“I know,” I said, lifting the bottle to my lips, trying to hide a smile. “He didn’t have to know that.”
“So what happened with him? Y’all broke up and you moved back here. Just showed up is what I heard.”
“Is that what you heard?” I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Try having a private life in this town. That’s one thing you’ll have to remember if you’re planning on running for office. These people already know everything about you, from what percent of milk you drink to what size jockeys you wear.”
“Hanes. Fruit of the Loom. Whatever kinda undies you got on, they already know what color they are.”
“Do they know what color undies you have on?”
I choked on my coffee, trying not to laugh. “I mean…they might.”
“Well then, I’m jealous. ‘Cause then everybody knows but me.”
I didn’t know what to say to that. So I didn’t say anything. I drank my coffee and stared straight ahead at the flashes of light moving across the muted TV.
“So you’re not going to tell me what happened to old dude?”
“Why do you want to know, KC?”
“Call it morbid curiosity. I want to know what he did wrong. I want to know how two men let your fine ass get away from them.”
I snorted. “Flattery will get you everywhere, Kade Cavanaugh.”
“Everywhere?” he asked, eyebrows high on his forehead. “Like… everywhere?”
“Except there. Stop flirting, Mr. NBA. You must miss the groupies.”
“Aw, here we go. Why does every woman bring up the groupies? Y’all jealous or something? At least they’re bold, they step up, they shoot their shot.”
My eyes rolled as I snickered. “Been there, tapped that. Remember?”
“How could I forget? You’ve brought it up twice.”
“Whatever,” I said, but mentally chastised myself. I did bring it up both times. Maybe I wanted to see if he remembered.

Why, though?

Because of course it’s up early! Leslie’s Curl & Dye, now available

Because of course it’s up early! Leslie’s Curl & Dye, now available

We are live and such! Not too much rambling about this one. I really like this story and my main characters, Leslie Baker and Kade Cavanaugh… the supporting cast aren’t too shabby, either. I hope you enjoy them too!   Pick up this book here -> Add to your Goodreads To Read Shelf here -> Please put this book in your face and enjoy… don’t forget to leave a review!