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Fangirl Flailing at the cover of The Way Things Are by Tasha L. Harrison

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So…. hi. I ALMOST forgot to do this, but I was reading a facebook thread about chesty book covers and I thought to myself, “I don’t mind a nice, chocolate chest,” which got me to think about #AGuyNamedLevi, because I had just checked my email and saw the cover for this book.

At which point I kicked myself, then yelled at me, “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SHARE THAT!”

I’m gonna get it together. I am.



I’ll be honest, I kinda had to swallow, and then mutter, “oooh, shiiit.” Because. Wow. As my mama would say, “could sop him wit a biscuit!”

So that is the cover to The Way Things Are by Tasha L. Harrison. It is yin to the yang, the ebony to the ivory, the twos to the ones that is The Truth of Things, which came out earlier this year. Add this book to your Goodreads list and keep an eye out for it to pop up on Amazon January 18th, 2018!



Good cops do exist.

Camden City Police Officer Levi Alistar Raymond has a Superman complex. He is determined to serve and protect—even if that means, risking his career to support his girlfriend, Ava Marie in making sure the cop who murdered her friend is brought to justice. Good cops do exist but if good cops stand by and allow the bad cops to harass, abuse, and kill the very people they are meant to serve and protect, they are not good cops. They’re accomplices.

“I’m the wind in your cape…”

Falling in love with a cop was the last thing Ava wanted or needed in her life, but somehow, loving Levi came to her as naturally as breathing. Keeping their relationship intact while everything in the world seems to want to pull them apart feels impossible, but she is determined to be the wind in his cape, no matter what adversity they face.

Add this book to your Goodreads TBR


Often accused of navigating life without a filter, Tasha L. Harrison has managed to brand herself as the author who crafts characters and stories that make you feel all of the feels. She writes African American, interracial and intercultural erotica and erotic romance with heroines just as brazen as herself and heroes that know that they are messy and dramatic but love them anyway.

She lives in Upstate South Carolina with two not-so-smallish men and one super needy boxer dog. When she’s not writing filth, she is pretending to be a photographer and riding around with the top down on her Jeep Wrangler, Amber.

Tasha L. Harrison also edits all things ROMANCE at
Find her at: | @tashalharrison on twitter

Her series THE LUST DIARIES is available now!

An Easy Peazy Books & Fun Stuff Holiday Giveaway!

An Easy Peazy Books & Fun Stuff Holiday Giveaway!

WHAT IT IS:  A super simple giveaway that will run on my blog from December 15- December 25th. I’ll pick a winner before the 27th and mail prizes out before New Year’s Day.

WHAT YOU’LL GET: This giveaway will be CHOCK FULL (chock full, ya heard???) of gorgeous black lit books from me and some of my friends, black woman centered products (Oyin Handmade hair goodies, anyone???)  and some bookish fun stuff (mugs, bookmarks, art etc). Really, every time I see something I think, oooh that’d be great for my giveaway!

#WIPWednesday: If You’re Gonna Give Him The Cat – Leslie’s Curl & Dye

Today is #WIPWednesday but, gloriously, I do not have a WIP. Yesterday I decided that aside from a fun story for the fanfiction archive, I am done writing for publication for the year. I am tired, my brain is tired, I would have loved to publish four books this year, but my miiiiiiiiinds tellin’ me nooooooo.

Aannyway, I wanted to share a snippet from Curl & Dye with ya’ll. If you haven’t read it and need some convincing, look no further than Reading Romance In Color’s review of Curl & Dye. She enjoyed the small town but still black centered dynamic and the grown & sexy aspect of KC and Leslie’s relationship. Speakin’ of grown & sexy…

#WritingWednesday: I was going to be a spectacle – Unexpected

#WritingWednesday: I was going to be a spectacle – Unexpected

by DL White Genres: African American Romance, Contemporary, Romance Format: eBook Source: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ibooks, Kobo Good morning and happy Writing Wednesday! It’s a super day, and I’ll tell you why: my holiday short, Unexpected, is live and kicking! I have never kicked off the holiday season so early, but I really needed it, and I hope others that need some holiday cheer will find it in my cute and fun little ditty. A few people may recognize this short from a story I posted on my website a few years ago. It’s been niggling at me because… whatever happened to Will and Saidah?? So I took it […]

#Writing Wednesday: All of this woman’s secrets- Same Time Next Week

#Writing Wednesday: All of this woman’s secrets- Same Time Next Week

I was thinking about SAME TIME NEXT WEEK recently, a book I don’t talk much about because it was my foray into interracial romance and it pretty much flopped. Not that the book isn’t good (because it is), but I didn’t and still really don’t know how to market this book. So while I am writing, I am trying to pop up some interest in a title that hasn’t received much attention but definitely deserves it.

*~* Happy Indie Author Day 2017 *~*

*~* Happy Indie Author Day 2017 *~*

  Happy Indie Author Day, 2017! Believe it or not, this is my FIRST Indie Author Day. I heard rumblings about it in years before, but never paid attention or celebrated it. The libraries in my city don’t participate so it’s not a Real Life thing, strictly in this online world. I figured I should jump in this year and celebrate, since my feet have planted firmly in self published soil. A few authors are talking about what this day means to them. For me, one word resonates. Freedom. The idea of contracting with a publisher and agreeing to all of their terms, the slow publishing cycle,not having control over […]

#TeaserTuesday: Leslie’s Curl & Dye -Whatever kinda undies you have on –

#TeaserTuesday: Leslie’s Curl & Dye -Whatever kinda undies you have on –

I decided to do a lil TuesdayTease of Leslie’s Curl & Dye, since it’s Tuesday and the book is out! Snatch it up Amazon, or read it free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Enjoy! I drank my iced coffee, looking around the room that was a shrine to his old life. “You probably get asked this a hundred times a day, but do you miss the court?” He started to nod, then grimaced. “I mostly miss being on a team, traveling, playing for TV cameras, whatever. I was kind of a ham.” “Yes, you were,” fell out of my mouth before I could stop myself from saying it. But he […]

Because of course it’s up early! Leslie’s Curl & Dye, now available

Because of course it’s up early! Leslie’s Curl & Dye, now available

We are live and such! Not too much rambling about this one. I really like this story and my main characters, Leslie Baker and Kade Cavanaugh… the supporting cast aren’t too shabby, either. I hope you enjoy them too!   Pick up this book here -> Add to your Goodreads To Read Shelf here -> Please put this book in your face and enjoy… don’t forget to leave a review!