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*EXCITE!!! * Cover Reveal: The Truth of Things by Tasha L. Harrison

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You guys don’t even UNDERSTAND my excitement to be announcing a cover reveal for a new book from Tasha Harrison. I literally (okay, figuratively) gobble up her words whole. I’m just way too excited about this. Please peep the deets below:


From the author of THE LUST DIARIES, a new novel set to release on September 5, 2017

“Where I come from, cops aren’t super heroes.”

Photojournalist and wedding photographer, Ava Marie Greene, doesn’t ever want to fall in love and not in the I-just-haven’t-met-right-man kinda way either. Ava is a hopeless romantic, but too much hurt and disappointment has her hiding behind the camera. Through her lens, she sees the truth of things, the difference between real and fantasy, and she thinks she has a good handle on it until she has a run-in with her friendly neighborhood policeman, Levi Raymond.

“Not all cops…”

A tad arrogant, and a bit of a cornball, Ava knows that this Levi could make her second-guess every thought she ever had about cops. She tries to make it clear to Officer Friendly that she doesn’t need saving, but he when Ava finds herself on the wrong side of the law, will he be the hero she needs or toe the “thin blue line?”

THE TRUTH OF THINGS by Tasha L. Harrison



Often accused of navigating life without a filter, Tasha L. Harrison has managed to brand herself as the author who crafts characters and stories that make you feel all of the feels. She writes African American, interracial and intercultural erotica and erotic romance with heroines just as brazen as herself and heroes that know that their messy and dramatic, but love them anyway. 

 She lives in Upstate South Carolina with two not-so-smallish men and one super needy boxer dog. When she’s not writing filth, she’s pretending to be a photographer and riding around with the top down on her Jeep Wrangler, Amber.

Find out more about Tasha at her website, and find all of her books at:

 Tasha L. Harrison also edits all things ROMANCE at

Ya’ll Got Mail! *New* Newsletter post

Ya’ll Got Mail! *New* Newsletter post

Happy Friday, good people! Just a short note to let ya’ll know there is an update to my newsletter today! If you didn’t get the newsletter in your mailbox this morning, you can pick it up on the archive in the link above. Discussed today: TREMENDOUS ebook and paperback sale Release date for Leslie’s Curl & Dye (including the book cover) Call for Early Readers and Reviewers My newsletter subscriber list is growing… I’d love for you to be a part of the gang! Dougie on that subscribe button at and lemme get all up in your box! If you’re interested in sneak peaks and in-progress book chat with me, I hope you’ll join my Facebook Reader group, BooksByDLWhite. See you there! xoxo Author DL White

Teaser Tuesday: Leslie’s Curl & Dye – Not all my crazy is on display

Teaser Tuesday: Leslie’s Curl & Dye – Not all my crazy is on display

by DL White Genres: African American Romance, Small town romance Decided to do a lil snip tease for today! Target pub date is 9/12. Enjoy!  KC Tamera untied her client’s cape and removed it, then hung it on a hook near her chair. A middle aged woman with a short salt and pepper afro stood and handed Tamera a few bills, telling her to keep the change. “Thank you, Ms. Jackie. See you next week?” The woman nodded and walked out of the shop, smiling as she passed me. Tamera used a towel to wipe down her chair, then tapped the back of it. “KC, come on over here. I’ve been staring at your hairline all day and I can’t take it anymore.” I stared at Tamera from across the room. Even Leslie stopped twisting hair to bounce her gaze between me and Tamera and back. “Uh… me? Come over there?” “Yeah, you. Come over here. I’ve been wanting to snap some candid shots of you, but you need a lineup and your fade is sloppy. Let me fix you up so you look good.” I glanced at Leslie but still didn’t move. I didn’t trust Tamera to not jack my hair up. As if she could read my mind, she laughed. “If I was gonna mess you up, I’d break into your house with some clippers. I’m not going to make you look bad. I promise.” She tapped the chair again, swiveling it around toward me. It was just… there. Welcoming me to sit. I groaned, then got up and slowly loped across the shop to Tamera’s station. I lowered myself into the chair and sat still while the cape floated over me, then draped around my shoulders. “I promise, I’m not gonna mess your hair up, KC. You want to look good in these pictures, so you can win this election, right? But since I have you here…” 

#SampleSunday: Having a reaction – Leslie’s Curl & Dye

#SampleSunday: Having a reaction – Leslie’s Curl & Dye

I wanted to share a snip of something I’ve written this weekend, so grab a cuppa joe and settle in for a Sample Sunday!

This project is titled Leslie’s Curl & Dye. It is contemporary black romance, set in a small southern town. Tropes are Second Chance Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Small Town Romance.

Dueling salon owners with a history that hails back to their college days must overcome a long held animosity and work together to save the small town of Potter Lake, Georgia from a corrupt city government. 

Author Spotlight on ME at ElizaDavidWrites

Author Spotlight on ME at ElizaDavidWrites

One of the things I love and admire about this Indie Biz is how we support and push each other. We all win when we’re all out front, our voices being heard and our art being consumed. I stumbled on Eliza David just a few short months ago and she is a (petty, vicious, delicious)TREAT! Eliza was kind enough to feature me on her blog today! I recently read her ah-mayyy-ziiinnngg novel The Follow (ya’ll know I’m a stone cold sucka for a rock romance) and I gave it high praise. So happy to have ‘met’ Eliza… thank you for giving me a little corner of your world today! Click the banner to visit ElizaDavidWrites and read all about meeeee!  

Social Media Advertising Series: An interview with Vicki M

Social Media Advertising Series: An interview with Vicki M

The topic of running ads and trying to get exposure for us/our books is a growing yet confusing topic. I’ve got a couple of books sitting in my kindle, a couple of podcasts on it, a couple of facebook groups GOING IN on ad revenue and ROI and buy through and….what?

So I asked my friend if she could break it on down for us and she was most delighted to do so!  A few of my author pals had some specific questions to ask. If YOU have questions, pay attention to the contact info at the bottom of this post and shout us out a holla!  This could possibly turn into post 1 of a few or a live chat if needed… let me know what sounds good!