#WIPWednesday- Sneak Peek: A Thin Line by DL White

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Welcome to another #WIPWednesday! Today I am sharing a sneak peek at A Thin Line, my second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance. The blurb:

Lovers to Enemies… to Lovers?

After an emotional breakup way too far in the past, Preston Reid and Angie Campbell would happily never see or speak to each other again. But that’ll never happen as long they’re constantly arguing opposite sides of the same cases in court. And as long as their best friends are dating.

And now getting married.

The kicker? Their friends want Angie and Preston to plan their destination wedding. As Best Man and Maid of Honor, the two are forced to carry out all of the tasks of putting on a joyous, romantic, happy occasion… and not kill each other in the process.

But Angie and Preston are wise to this game. They see it as a ploy to rekindle a long dead romance and push them back together.

And as much as they don’t want it to work…it just might.

There’s a thin line between enemy and ally, love and hate.

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