[Review] Having It Both Ways by Tasha L. Harrison

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Having It Both Ways Book Cover Having It Both Ways
The Lust Diaries Book 3
Tasha L. Harrison
Dirtyscribbler Press
February 14, 2016

Yves Santiago has always prided herself on knowing how to be alone, but in the wake of her break up with Elijah Weinstein she seems to have forgotten everything she ever learned. Boys and booze don't seem to fill that emptiness as easily as it had before and as depression threatens to take her under she turns to the one thing that has always buoyed her: writing. That and the kindness and affection of Julian Webster work together to bring her back from the brink.

Elijah is certain that he did the right thing by breaking things off with Yves. He just can’t seem to make his good intentions sync up with the hurt in his heart. And when his ex Shoshanna Rodrigues reenters his life he feels the absence of Yves even more acutely. He’s struggling to keep his distance and maintain a professional relationship with the sex blogger turned memoirist, but when life altering secrets emerge from Elijah’s past, he can’t think of anyone else he would rather confide in. Shoshanna comes back into his life in a way he never expected. But his love for Yves lingers and with the publication date for The Lust Diaries fast approaching, he knows he'll have to deal with his feelings for her head on.

Yves has found a way to work back toward some semblance of normalcy, but as her book moves toward publication she knows that she will have to face Elijah. Will the confidence she worked so hard to rebuild crumble in his presence?


So listen… on the short list of authors who could write some words on a paper bag and I’d read it, you’ll find Tasha L. Harrison. I’m not just blowing smoke up her behind when I say, this chick can write! I always enjoy her style, her vivid imagery, the way the story implants itself in my mind with it’s realism and drama, to the point where I’m often thinking about a scene long after I read it. As always, Harrison is skilled at turning the mirror around on the reader (and especially the writer) to ask if you’re living your life this boldly, if you’re writing your characters this gritty, this real? Whew.

Having It Both Ways represents, to me, a tearing down and a building back up. I think Yves and Elijah met and fulfilled a need for each other, so many books ago. But I also think that relationships reach a place where you have to grow… either together or apart, but it has to go somewhere. The split was heartbreaking to read about, but I also think it was necessary for the two of them to explore away from each other to realize what they truly meant to each other. Unfortunately this discovery happened at the expense of the love and adoration of other people, but as that quippy saying goes, the heart wants what it wants.

I love when I read a book and the longing between the two characters is palpable. Though Yves and Elijah barely speak throughout most of the book, their thoughts are always on one another. Even when Yves spends months in Jamaica with Julian; even when Elijah is contemplating uprooting his entire life for Shoshanna, there’s an invisible thread that still ties Yves and Elijah together and like any romance, the reader has fingers crossed that they’ll wake up and realize that they’re meant to be together. They love each other– they’re in love with each other and any attempt at recreating with another person what they’re supposed to have would never be fulfilling.

I feel that it’s necessary to mention that one should read the other books in the series, but especially Book 1- In Her Closet:
In Her Closet (The Lust Diaries, #1) by Tasha L. Harrison

It lays the foundation for Yves, it shows her beginnings, where she came from and her transformation from sex blogger to memoirist and the role that Elijah plays in this transformation. The entire series is good, gripping, sexy (filthy, I think is the word Tasha uses) reading. Enjoy!

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