Happy Pub Day to Ruby’s & Happy Birthday to ME!

Posted 25 March, 2016 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

Hello everyone! Just a REAL quick and dirty post to say HELLERRRR and wish a happy birthday to my baby, my first full length novel, the pain in my behind, the book I tried to quit writing several times that would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. I’m so thankful I gave in and opened up the file and dug back in, started over, and out came Ruby’s. Still my favorite, sometimes I read it and I can’t believe it’s actually HERE. 

It was strategic to release it near my birthday. I wanted to never forget what day I pubbed it, and its completion was a present to myself. I’m still so extremely happy with it. And nervous that Dinner at Sam’s won’t live up to the hype. 

But still I write on! 

That’ll be it for me, for this post. I am at the beach for my birthday, I’ve already finished a book I was reading and I’m TRYING to get some new words down. Thoroughly enjoying myself and I’m here til Sunday, so I’m going to get back to partying. LOL. By partying I mean laying in these fluffy covers watching Criminal Minds and eating steak and pasta. *shrug* 

Have a great weekend, friends! 

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