Is ‘crappily’ even a word? On writing.

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37826107I was perusing my blog the other day, looking at old posts from when I first started writing seriously and writing a LOT. I had a lot to say and I wanted to share EVERYTHING about writing. It was also that period of time when I was following a lot of craft blogs and other writers and trying to figure out which way was the right way or the best way to do this writer thing.

Somewhere around finishing Ruby’s (so 2014), I fell off the blogging and sharing wagon. Not sure why……. maybe it was because i was so busy doing stuff that I didn’t have time to talk about the stuff I was doing. Maybe I felt like I’d be pushing myself into people’s faces too much. Maybe I felt like no one cared. In the last year-ish, I haven’t really blogged. I don’t count book reviews as blogs, really. They’re there to prove I read a book so I can continue to get books!

There is also the matter of how I’m not really writing anything. I have several projects that are about 1/4th completed. I look at them and think……eh. I have a project that has a title and a cover (I spent $30 on the stock image for it) but the actual text of the novel I threw away in June because I was so frustrated with it. I have an older version of it in word and when I get my behind together, I’ll pull that out and start crafting it.  Again. I did this with Ruby’s actually. Just tore it up and started over.

I’m just…..not really ready for that right now. And I’m trying to figure out what that’s about. While my friend Roni Loren has sold yet another new series (Congrats Roni!), I’m still wandering about the Internet, writing when I feel like it (which is rare) and I have to be kicked in the pants by my Beta to do any writing for the fanfiction archive (speaking of, I did write a lil ditty for the Awesome August challenge called CELEBRITY. It’s here.) It’s not that I’m jealous. I’m SO happy for my writing pals.

I think I can’t do it. I don’t commit to writing because I don’t know that I can finish it.  “Just write, you can edit later” is advice I give everyone but never take. I don’t want to write some crap I have to fix or delete later. I want to write something clear and concise and intriguing and beautiful, that may need fleshing out and primping, but doesn’t need to be completely torn down in another session. Right now…….I’m just writing crappily.

And reading crappily. Is crappily even a word? Is now. My annual reading slump is epic, this year. Books I would have lost my mind over in January are just languishing in TangyMae the Kindle. I still buy new books. I look at them. I think, oooh that looks good. And then don’t read them. Deplorable.

So. I’m really aiming to get my act together. I don’t have a plan yet. When I have a plan, you won’t know since I don’t like to announce things, lest they go south and I have to un-announce them. I talk about what I have done and not what I am going to do.

It is my hope that the next time you hear from me, I will have done something.

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  1. And there it is, in your transparency…the accountability that is needed to kick your butt into gear, and the next gear and the next—you NEED to tell us where you’re trying to go and put a date on it, and then give us updates along the way. We are your accountability partners.

    Jeesh you don’t know how much I needed to read this post. You and I girlfriend are in the same boat, looking at each other (with blank stares) and wondering where the heck to go next! I’ve also stopped blogging, reading, writing, creating, and fully expressing myself. It’s just been “blah” as I’ve been consumed by work (that I’ve been “blah” about), and amazed out how drained I am—and the lack of satisfaction I’m experiencing.

    So I will take your word and definition of crappily, and highlight it in a bright color for emphasis!

    Write…write…write. The best advice has always been, “just write”. Take the advice lady!

    My dad used to tell me the same thing, “just write and edit later. Get the words on paper and figure out spelling, grammar, and flow later”. I would resist because I felt the need to edit on the spot, and wanted a perfect piece without the need for much editing on the back end. That approach has left me with countless unfinished books.

    I’m finally drafting the spirituality book folks have begged me (for years) to do, and guess what? I’m so hung up on layout and crap that the content isn’t developing. Well dang, maybe I should go into editing instead of writing, since I spend so much time doing that!

    So my amazing friend—I share with you what you just shared with all of us:

    1) Set your goals with dates
    2) Tell us those goals and dates
    3) Get to writing and leave the editing until you’re done writing
    4) Keep us posted on your progress. Even if you don’t reach your target date, etc.
    5) Get out of your head and out of your way. You’re blocking the greatness that’s trying to shine!

    Love ya much!

    • Thanks for letting me know this post resonated with you! I hope it helps you to put some things down on paper! I’m slowly working toward………something!