[ARC Review] Second House from the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson

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Second House from the Corner Book Cover Second House from the Corner
Sadeqa Johnson
February 9, 2016

A stay-at-home mother wonders what it would be like to escape the demands of motherhood until an unexpected phone call forces her to revisit long buried secrets to save the family she loves.In the tradition of I Don't Know How She Does It, Second House from the Corner centers on the story of Felicia Lyons, a stay-at-home mother of three drowning in the drudgeries of play dates, lost pacifiers and potty training who occasionally wonders what it would be like to escape the demands of motherhood. But when an unexpected phone call threatens to destroy her life, Felicia is forced to return to her childhood home where she must wrestle with an ex-lover and long buried secrets to save the family and home she loves despite the daily challenges.Felicia Lyons is a character who mothers can identify with and laugh along with. You can't help but cheer for her in Johnson's engaging and well-written novel.


So…*scratches head* I don’t even know…

First things first… did I devour this book? Yes. Did I make myself stop reading at one point because I was so enthralled in the story that I was stressed out FOR Felicia? Most certainly, yes. Did I yell at the book, roll my eyes, suck my teeth and declare a lot of people dumb as a box of hair, lowdown dirty and other such negative terms? Uh, yeah.

That’s all to say that this book is written well– Johnson pulls you into the deep end and you’re drowning before you know it. Felicia is a compelling, sympathetic character and her plight is palpable. Her husband, her children, the peripheral characters seem three-dimensional and realistic. I always say if the book plays out like a movie in my head, it’s a good one.

And so. But then. I have QUESTIONS.
A. Chick is you crazy? Is you? Shoulda BEEN told your husband all that stuff you’re scared to tell him cause he might think differently of you.
II. Shayla? Girl. GIRL. Should NOT have reached out to that woman. I expected things to happen there and the resolution of that situation was surprising, to me. I guess you can’t put your heroine through TOO much.
3. HOW IS PRESTON GONNA TELL YOU WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR OWN HOUSE? HOW, SWAY? Also, he’s a punk. I recognize this is an awesome plot point. He’s still a punk.
Fo. Martin. Wanted to leap through the pages and murderize him. All that sweet talk you fell for… both times? I just… I have a very hard time with a weak protagonist, who are hypnotized by nice words and light eyes, who are willing toss away even the hope of something better for something subpar. I really wanted to strangle folks at certain points of this book.

My fave character is Gran. She real. She a OG Granny. She makes me wish I’d known either of my grandmothers, but I did have an elderly Aunt that filled the role quite nicely. Just when you don’t expect her to, Gran seems to have all the answers.

I think I like the ending. I’m not one that needs a pat, fairytale-ish, everything is all better ending. It was a little more open ended than I would have liked and I felt the ending was a TAD abrupt, but overall it brought the book to a close in a satisfying way.

Put this one on your to read list because I need to talk to other people about it!

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for review.

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