[Review] Tuscan Heat (a Kimani Romance) by Deborah Fletcher Mello

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Tuscan Heat Book Cover Tuscan Heat
The Boudreaux Family
Deborah Fletcher Mello
Harlequin Kimani Press
December 15, 2015

A teaching invitation gives Professor Donovan Boudreaux the chance to meet his secret email pen pal. Renowned author Gianna Martelli introduces him to the hidden pleasures of Tuscany - and a surprise passion. She soon realizes that they share a unique bond. As friendship flames into an intense affair, a vindictive rival threatens to destroy Donovan's reputation, career and any hope of a future with Gianna. Deborah Fletcher Mello's The Bordeaux Family romance series continues with Tuscan Heat.

My first Kimani Romance novel from Deborah Fletcher Mello was a sweet and satisfying read set in beautiful Italy. Like Farrah Rochon’s novels, I love when the setting becomes a character in itself. I pictured myself walking through the family vineyards and I loved reading about the university and the city as much as I enjoyed reading the love story of Donovan and Gianna.

Gianna is a character after my own heart, a writer of thriller novels who strikes up a penpal friendship with a fan. When Donovan gets the opportunity to work in a town not far from Gianna, it’s like fate has brought them together.

When Donovan is accused of a terrible crime and his status as professor is threatened, the love between a reclusive Italian writer and the American professor is put to the test.

This novel was a romantic read set in one of the most romantic cities in the world. The relationship developed rapidly but there isn’t that InstaLove that I can’t stand. The passage of a reasonable amount of time is believable and Donovan and Gianna spend quite a bit of time getting to know one another. THIS, I like to see. There are also a few very steamy love scenes!

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and HQN Kimani Romance for review.

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