[Review] The Representative’s Revolt by Piper Huguley

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The Representative's Revolt Book Cover The Representative's Revolt
Home to Milford College novel
Piper Huguley
Historical fiction; romance
December 28, 2015

Someone has tried to assassinate Virgil Smithson. The Georgia State Legislature is not a safe place—if it ever was. To protect her growing family, Amanda wants to go home to Milford. Virgil is willing to serve out his term and return to life as a blacksmith, but first he has to know…who is trying to have him killed?
Meanwhile, Amanda works to resolve Milford College’s everlasting financial woes by starting a fund raising campaign to finish the school building. Her efforts require her absence from home and the many pressures influence the marriage of the Milford College founders.
Then, a missive arrives from Ohio and Amanda receives an offer she feels she cannot refuse.
When all they want is what they had in the first place, a quiet life in Milford, Virgil and Amanda must strengthen their faith to negotiate these difficult days of the Reconstruction Era.

Someone is trying to put an end to the dream of Milford College and Virgil Smithson’s life. In this, the finale of the “Founder’s Trilogy” the Representative and his wife have to find a way to figure it all out…before it’s too late.

This was my first read of 2016 and I spent my day leisurely reading these words. I’ve come to know and love Mandy and Virgil, a couple forced together out of circumstance who grew to love another as fiercely as a couple who married for love.

The opening chapters of this novel are heartbreaking– an attempt on Virgil’s life, a loss of livelihood and his stalwart self assurance and independence. It becomes Amanda’s responsibility to get her husband home where he can heal, rebuild his strength and his confidence.

Back in Milford, the College is in need of funds and though Virgil initially forbids her– “I never vowed to obey you”– he finally allows her to go on a fundraising tour. While there, Amanda is offered a helping hand from a man she is loathe to accept help from. A marital tug of war ensues about what Amanda’s ‘job’ and where her priorities should lie… with her husband or her dream?

There are a couple of really compelling underlying stories that the reader will enjoy as well as the main story of Virgil literally getting back on his feet comes full circle. This book is a page turner, with the crescendo and conclusion quite satisfying.

Once again, Huguley has poured her entire being into masterful historical fiction and romance, words that paint our history and bring to light the struggles of those that went before us. The times were surely hard… but the love was surely strong.

I’m excited for the next book in this series, about March Smithson!

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