[Review] The Perfect Find by Tia Williams

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by Tia Williams
Published by Brown Girls Books Genres: African American Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle
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You know how sometimes you’re lying across your bed, grumpy because you’re not really *into* what you’re reading, but you don’t know of anything else out there that’s good, and then your good friend pipes up with a suggestion and you buy it and start reading it and don’t want to put it down?


I was going to rate this book four stars because totes awesome but the last three chapters almost killed me and then the last chapter made me cry which NEVER HAPPENS I AM SO MAD ABOUT IT. I already let Tia know that I don’t appreciate how she stirred up so much emotion that I had to sit in the car in my driveway and finish reading the book.

Ya’ll know how I say PUT IT IN YOUR FACE? Do it. Witty, emotional, dramatic, hysterical and so well written I’m angry that I don’t know these people in real life. And is it me or can ya’ll see this as a major motion picture? Can we lobby for that? Who got change.org’s phone number? I’ll sign a petition.

I thought Jenna’s characterization was SPOT ON as a 40yr old in a 22 yr old’s world. And then she meets a 22 year old who doesn’t make her feel so… old. And Oh. I’m not even much of a romantic, but OH.Just read it.

Because… OH.

Okay I hate Darcy Vale a LOT. I loved hating her. She was deliciously evil. She and Anna Wintour are probably besties that hate each other.

Anyway, I don’t have anything pithy and deep and revealing about how I see myself in Jenna and I related to the dichotomy of her relationship with Eric and felt her desperation— yadda yadda, who cares?

Read this book, it’s fabulous.

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