Yappity Yap about stuff cause I haven’t had time to BLOG

Posted 17 February, 2016 by DLWhite in Random 0 Comments

Hi Blog People, or the ten to twelve individuals that read my blog. I am yet still alive and making noise. I just have NOT had time to even think coherent thoughts, let alone sit down and form them into sentences. I started a new job February 1 and it sapped ALL of my energy and creative forces. I do feel like I’m settling in though and my mind is beginning to return to writing and reading. You know, the NORM.

So, a couple of things.

  1. I just read this amazing article about how fiction writers should try technical writing and I AGREE. You might want to check it out HERE on Tumblr.  
  2. Goals. It’s good to have them. I suppose. Mine are a little bit shot out of the water, especially my writing goal. I HAVE to get on my job about that. My reading goal isn’t so bad, thanks to VoiceDream so I can listen to books on my commute. Writing though. Yeah. But good news, lately the Ruby’s sequel has been talking to me so maybe I can pick that one up. I have ONE chapter written. It’s better than no chapters??
  3. I spent all of January on editing and pushing A Thin Line. It’s been fun and the book has done unexpectedly well especially in #kindleunlimited– By “unexpectedly well,” I mean that I sold more than 10 copies (I’ve sold 40 and KENP reads are the highest they’ve ever been. There was one week that all four books I have out there got some kind of action, which has been FUN to watch). I’m not NYT/USA Today Bestseller bound or anything, but come royalty payment time I can have a drink with my dinner.
  4. I’m going to be at this AMAZING author event in June called Indie Love in the A Soireee. It’s here in Atlanta and it’s FREE!  (COME SEE ME! YOU COMIN’?? GOTTA REGISTER:). UHM. HALP! I don’t know a THING about swag. What are the best (most cost effective things to bring? What should have, to like… you know… publicize myself. Or whatever. I’m a writer, can you tell?  A banner? Something? I don’t know. I’m overwhelmed at the thought. HALP.
  5. If you’re on facebook and prefer the privacy of a FRIEND account, I now have one for my Author Persona. Feel free to friend it!
    • https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDLWhite/


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