Team DL White wants YOU to be a Beta Reader!

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There comes a time in every author’s life when they have to unzip the plastic bubble they’ve encased themselves in, step out into the open and actually… speak to other people. Even if it’s via email. 

When you’re a beginning writer, you learn that much of this hobby/job/obsession is solitary. It’s just you and your keyboard, maybe some google,  some snacks and rain sounds or music or white noise. But then you’re looking at a bunch of words and you think it looks fine but… you need some input. OR maybe you’re at a point where you’re like…………whaaaaaaaaaaaat is going oooonnnn here? What am I doing? Where do I go from here?  

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This is where Beta Readers come in. And where I need help. Help ME help YOU.

If you don’t know what a Beta Reader is… it’s… well it’s when you… I saw one once when… okay …if you’re a book lover and interested in the pre-publication process and like an author’s work and are interested in helping that author polish a pre-published work, then Beta Reading might be right for you. 

And if it is INDEED right for you, I am currently taking names and email addresses for those interested. I’d love to have you! I just have a few requirements: 

  1. Be interested in me and my work. I don’t need raging, raving, drooling fanatics who just want to read the book early and don’t have anything to say. I want people who like my work and are interested in helping me improve and polish it before it hits gen pop. There is NOTHING more embarrassing than seeing something in a review that I should have caught while writing/editing. This is where you come in.
  2. An interest in reading women’s fiction and romance.
  3. A generally positive attitude and outlook. Writing is hard. What won’t help me is a bad attitude about writing or reading. Don’t read? Sick of romance? Skip this one
  4. Time and willingness to read and respond with feedback, good or bad. Looking for people who are tactful but provide meaningful commentary. Don’t look for something to be wrong but if something IS wrong, please point it out. Nicely. In a timely manner. I’m not looking for immediate feedback but being able to provide commentary in 3-5 days would be great. 
  5. VERY helpful if you have or can use a google email address since I use google docs to send my work out.  

Interested? Check out this link. Fill out the form and I’ll get back to you! 

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