Just what the heck have I been doing??? Stuff.

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First of all… AYYYYY! I know, it has been awhile since this blog has seen anything except a book review. I DO read a lot but I don’t like talking about much else so that’s all I have been posting. I wanted to give a VERY brief update on stuff coming up, namely my first author signing event, which is going to be EPIC!




This event is going to be FUN IN A BUN (I don’t know what that means, I assume it means ‘a good time’)… let’s just say it’s going to be LIT. Literally. A room full of your fave indie authors with their books for you to peruse and buy… including ME! I’ll have copies of Brunch at Ruby’s and A Thin Line (very possible that I could have Same Time Next Week, it depends on shipping time) for sale. If you’re local to Atlanta and you want a paperback copy of any of my books, please do stop by come see me, as well as everyone else on the list. There will be giveaways and intimate conversations… it will be a great time!

If you need information, please do drop me a line here at dlwhite [at] the sweetescape.net or hit me up on any of my social media sites. Ya’ll know where to find me!

What else have I been doing? Not much. Really. And I’ve been kinda enjoying it. I love water and beaches and traveling to them so I’ve been going here and there, standing in the ocean, digging my toes in the sand, enjoying a long day at the lake. Reading books and thinking about writing them. Thinking is writing, right?

Unfortunately I have been in a writing slump for awhile. I have a good burst and then get hit with the ‘now what’ stick. And before you suggest plotting, GO AWAY. I’m working on it. This is a problem I need to solve for myself. Just… emoting.

I do have pieces of things that I hope will come together by summer’s end. And if they don’t…. then they don’t? I don’t know. I’m an indie author and writing books is my side gig. I refuse to stress myself out about it.

(Things I tell myself whilst really trying not to stress out about it).

New job is still super cool. I’m just busier than I used to be so I have much less free time to write and edit than I used to. Which is a good thing, I suppose. It just means that when I am home I have to decide between enjoying myself and “working” and right now, while the sun is shining and the sand is white and the water is blue… working is losing.


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