Celebrating Same Time Next Week with a 5 star review!

Posted 29 June, 2016 by DLWhite in Announcements, Writers Write 0 Comments

That one time when you forgot to celebrate the anniversary of the publication of one of your books… 

Hello World! I totally meant to celebrate the publication of Same Time Next Week, my epic fan fiction story turned interracial erotic romance novel that pubbed on June 11, 2015! What a ride it has been!

This book has been very much a slow burn. It did not hit hard like I thought it would. For a long time I considered pulling it because as popular as IR books are, it just wasn’t getting any attention. I’m glad I’m too lazy to do things like pull books down though, because over time it has been read and reviewed and pretty well received, so… YAY!

I want to celebrate the anniversary of this book by pointing you to a GREAT, much appreciated FIVE STAR review of this novel from Coco at My Reading Nook. Says Coco:

The more I read by DL White the more I fall in love with her writing.  Her characters are real — they have real life issues and they aren’t perfect.

Yes, well… thank you SO much for reading and reviewing. If you haven’t snapped this book up yet, please do so! It’s $2.99 on Kindle and available via Kindle Unlimited as well!

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