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[VIDEO] New Channel. WHO DIS? Intro & My books are on SALE!

Posted 21 December, 2016 by DLWhite in Random 0 Comments

I thought I would try out this VLOGGING thing, something new to dip into for the new year. Soon to be chock full of new info about books I’m writing and reading and my thoughts on writerly bookerly things… but for right now, I wanted to post a (terribly lit) introduction and take advantage of a good hair day. I recorded this three times so I was definitely not coming back another time to do it again because I didn’t like the lighting. Lessons learned!

There are two videos posted on my newly launched AuthorlyBookerly channel. It doesn’t have one of them fancy newfangled custom URLs yet and it won’t until I hit 100 subscribers, so……………SUBSCRIBE!

Check me out! (Edited to add links to my books on sale)


Brunch at Ruby’s (99cents)

Same Time Next Week (99cents)

A Thin Line ($1.99)

Beach Thing (99cents)

*~* Blog Tour *~* Noble Redemption by Te Russ

*~* Blog Tour *~* Noble Redemption by Te Russ

Hello Blog! It’s been awhile! I’d love to say I’ve been busy, but I haven’t. Just livin’ life you know? But what better reason to grace your feed reader than to celebrate the release of a black romance by one of my #authorbaes, Te Russ! I have read Noble Redemption (sucked it down in one gulp, actually!) and this novel is some of Te’s best work. I’ve read her backward and forward and it’s been such a pleasure to watch her take a step out on a limb and totally kill it in the black romance game! Enough yammering. Let’s get down to bidness! About the Author: Té Russ found […]