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Sometimes (All the time) as an author, I’m scared

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First, a word of thanks to my supporters- my readers, my Beta crew, my first line of defense, J Nic & CCJ. There are a NUMBER of people who have contributed to me still being here, still tryna play at this author thing. To all of them, I want to issue a heartfelt thank you!


I remember way back in the olden days (like 2015) when i was about to publish my first book. Like, I was about to hit the publish button on Amazon and send my baby out into the world for strangers to grab it and grope it and criticize it and say nasty things about it. And me. Because that’s what I was convinced was going to happen.

I remember sitting there, my finger trembling on the mouse, willing myself to press it. Willing myself to subject the world to me as an author, in all of my debut, awkward, new authorness, in all of my “should have done it this way or that way”ness, in all of my “they’re gonna hate this book”ness.

A craaazy thing happened, though, after I made myself hit publish and my butt went numb and I had to go to bed and bury my head under the pillow, as if the entire world could see my soul just.. hanging outside my body right there on Amazon…. No one was nasty. There were some criticisms, yes, but nothing I couldn’t deal with. PEOPLE LIKED MY WRITING. People I adore and respect read it and asked me for more.

And I was floored because if you let some writers tell it, the world of readers is an awful ugly place full of mean people just waiting for your precious to come out so they can pounce and tear it apart and give it low ratings and talk about how you suck as a writer and why do the people on the cover of your book look white??? (actually happened, I got over it)

So I published another book- didn’t hit as hard as I wanted to but every time I think about taking it down, it gets another 4 star review. Like…..what?

And I published another book. And I thought… welp this might be the one that no one likes. And of course, on the contrary, that book outsold my first two COMBINED.

So I’ve written a new book and ya’ll know the drill. I’m writing, I’m weeping, I’m gnashing teeth and tearing my sackcloth and spreading ashes and my writing pals are rolling their eyes and telling me to shut up and write. And I am sending work to my Beta readers and I’m holding my breath because, as the first line of readers, they’ll let me know that it sucks. And I think everyone who has said, ‘this book is great! It’s so cute, a really great read, good job!” is lying through their pearly whites. But I like the book so I pub it.

And the good reviews are rolling in so fast, I can’t even keep up.


And then I wake up six days later to find that I have hit Amazon Top 100 list in several categories and almost fall out of the bed.



Here is the thing about writing… you just don’t know. You just really don’t know, until you feel you’re ready, and YOU like your work and you’re ready to lay your soul bare to the readers, ready to push that button, what’s going to happen. The book could fly. The book could sink. You just never know.

I wrote a post a few weeks back about feeling ICKY about writing. I hated everything I’d started, had a hard time sticking to anything because I’d get to the “hard part” and be like…well, what now? And I got such good advice from people, but namely from my friend Roni who said, “Write It Anyway. You might hate it while you’re writing. Write it anyway.”

Maybe you’re not one of those writers who flails around in a caftan made of insecurity while you’re writing. Welp, good for you. I am one. I believe in writer’s block, I believe that I’m not as good as I think I might be, I believe all that crap I tell myself while I am writing. I also believe that believing these things keeps me in the improvement lane. The Getting Better Aisle. I’d rather be there than the Thinks I’m Hot Shit display.

And while I can’t say it’s fun… once the project is done and it’s out, Im very proud of me and I do like that feeling.

But before that…. way before that pride feeling. I’m scared. And I am learning to live with it, because it seems to be producing some good results.

My ode to Summer, Beach Thing, is LIVE!

My ode to Summer, Beach Thing, is LIVE!

On one of my beach trips, I was watching the tide come in and thinking about a cute short story about a woman who owns some kind of business on an island and she meets a man she can’t resist… but she has to, because he’s not staying. That was summer of 2015…. it took all this time (and about 4 beach trips!) for this story to come together in my head.

The new book baby is up on @Goodreads- add ‘Beach Thing’ to your TBR!

The new book baby is up on @Goodreads- add ‘Beach Thing’ to your TBR!

When Ameenah Porter moves to the quaint beach town of Black Diamond Isles to fulfill her dream of opening her own smoothie shop, she encounters a man who is tall, dark and extremely handsome with a wicked taste for orange flavored beverages. She doesn’t need the distraction of a new man but Wade, who’s staying in the giant sized home at the end of her block, is irresistible.

Soon, Wade is a regular fixture at Tikis & Cream and while her days are busy, her nights sizzle.

Wade Marshall was supposed to spend the summer on Black Diamond Isles getting away from the city, ridding himself of the distractions that had been impacting his work. When he meets his bold, beautiful, sexy neighbor with the “glorious hips” and a penchant for ice cream, he tries hard to resist, but the attraction wins him over.

There’s only one problem: Wade is returning to Brooklyn at the end of the summer. Ameenah lives on Black Diamond. If they give into their desires, it has to be with the understanding that this fling is just that… a Beach Thing.

As the end of summer on Black Diamond nears, will they run from what they feel, or admit what they’ve known all along?

BLOG TOUR *~* Loving You Easy by NYT Best Selling Author Roni Loren

BLOG TOUR *~* Loving You Easy by NYT Best Selling Author Roni Loren

It is my pleasure to host a feature for Roni Loren’s 9th Loving on the Edge erotic romance novel LOVING YOU EASY, featuring a nonconventional tomboyish heroin, a smoldering hot Asian hero and handsome hunk to round out the polyamorous couple. I have been reading Roni since the first Loving on the Edge novel and her writing is just as clear, her heroes and heroines just as complex and her plots are just as– if not more– captivating as they were in the beginning. I hope that if you haven’t picked up this book that you will and if you’re into kink and threesomes and handsome dudes and geeky hacker women…. well, there’s plenty of that!

Check out the giveway at the end of this post… who doesn’t like free stuff!

SNIP: Beach Thing by DL White -“Poptarts and Spaghetti-os”

SNIP: Beach Thing by DL White -“Poptarts and Spaghetti-os”

I thought it was time for another snip… enjoy! Happy Friday! Ameenah I heard music blaring from inside the house, so I wasn’t sure if Wade could even hear the doorbell, but I kept trying it. He’d been coming by the shop every few days. I’d try to talk him into something new; he’d still choose the Frozen Sunshine, but promise that he’d try something new soon. I quickly learned that orange was his favorite flavor. Which led to me standing at his front door with a plastic container of orange cranberry muffins, leaning on the doorbell like my life depended on it. I’d almost given up when I heard […]

UPDATE- Writing & Beta Readers!

UPDATE- Writing & Beta Readers!

Genres: African American Romance Heyoooo! Hope everyone is doing well! Just a quick update on the writing process for Beach Thing and the Beta Reader Application that I put out last week. Beta Readers First things first– I got an OVERWHELMING response to my request for betas!  If you wrote to me, I responded so if you did not get an email from me, please let me know because I have not heard back from everyone. The email would have come from dlwhite [at] thesweetescape dot net. If you need me to re-send because you still want to beta read, get in touch with me! If you plan to pass, no […]