#WritingWednesday- Thinking is writing, right?

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I am a member of a small writer’s group online and on Monday, one of our members asked what was up, what are we doing, what are our goals for the week? I said I’d been thinking. “Thinking is writing, right?” I was being kind of funny, but in all seriousness, thinking is a large part of the writing process. The other day, one of my author friends said she’d spent the day thinking about the characters in her new series and she felt like a slacker for day dreaming all day… but to me, that’s an essential part of plotting, putting the story together, getting an idea of who you’re writing about and why anyone cares about them (those are the first two questions I try to answer before I even start writing).

With me, thinking often begins with casting. WHO are my main characters? What do they look like? What are their quirks? What are their physical properties? How tall is s/he? It helps to create the backstory that I keep in my mind and then liberally disperse throughout the story.

I spent some time last night finding images that fit the “cast” of SAME TIME NEXT WEEK in my head. I’ve always had an idea of what each character looked like, but I hadn’t bothered to find pictures because…well frankly I hadn’t planned on pubbing this story….. and secondly, *I* know what they look like! Anyway, I put together into an album on my Author Page on facebook if you’re interested in links and random stuff I put there… but here is the cast for your viewing pleasure and a few tidbits of info about each character.

cast 2

All photos were purchased from depositphotos.com, except for John Aniston, which appears courtesy Getty Images


Jackson Sweeney

Age: Mid 30’s

Occupation: Former member of music group Boy Wonder, current Music Director for rock star Rod Phillips of Rod Phillips Band

Loves: Peanut butter, music, sunsets, tequila (when consumed in a certain way), chocolate

Hates: People he can’t trust


Shelby Morris- Torres

Age: 28

Occupation: Bartender, Waitress, bar owner, student

Loves: Chocolate, wine, books, tequila (curious, eh?), peaceful surroundings

Hates: Insomnia, false accusations, chick who just can’t let stuff go


Lucas Samuels

Age: Mid 50’s

Occupation: Real Estate Tycoon

Loves: Top shelf scotch, young women, high end bars and restaurants, exotic vacations

Hates: Losing control, negative press


Melina Samuels

Age: Late 30’s /early 40’s

Occupation: None listed, but she has a hobby that keeps her father on his toes

Loves: Money, money, money

Hates: Shelby


Rod Phillips

Age: Early 30’s

Occupation: Rock’s reigning prince, leader of Rod Phillips band, rock star

Loves: Women, booze, paparazzi, attention, his biceps, sleeveless shirts

Hates: Anything that keeps him from any of the above.


Roberto & Evelyn Torres

Ages: Early 70’s

Occupation: Retired Teacher/Administrator

Loves: Shelby, unconditionally. Also model planes and cars

Hates: The “Lucas Thing”

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